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Imperva Redefines Web Application Security with Powerful Fraud Prevention and Bot Protection

Von Imperva Inc.

Helps businesses stop malware-driven fraud, block bots and automated attacks and control access by geographic location

Imperva, a pioneer and a leader of a new category of data security solutions for high-value business data in the data center, announced today the availability of SecureSphere 9.0 and introduced ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention Services. With ThreatRadar Fraud...

Redwood Shores, CA, 01.11.2011 - Imperva, a pioneer and a leader of a new category of data security solutions for high-value business data in the data center, announced today the availability of SecureSphere 9.0 and introduced ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention Services. With ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention, Imperva has defined a new Web security architecture that not only encompasses Web applications, Web server infrastructure and application data in databases, but also extends to Web application users.

Fraud Prevention

ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention empowers organizations to quickly and easily mitigate malware-driven fraud. ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention integrates with Trusteer Pinpoint, a transparent solution that detects client devices infected with malware. The new ThreatRadar service for the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall:

· Helps businesses reduce fraud mitigation costs and customer turnover, and satisfy regulatory requirements such as FFIEC compliance

· Accelerates time-to-security by adding fraud detection without requiring Web application changes

· Enhances security efficacy by supporting correlation of fraud detection with Web application firewall policies

· Decouples fraud prevention from Web application business logic; adjusts fraud policies and actions from the SecureSphere Web user interface

· Provides detailed security alerts and graphical reports that allow fraud analysts to investigate suspicious activity

"Organizations with high-risk applications and sensitive customer data must look for vendors and technology that can fend off increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable attacks," explained Avivah Litan, Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst.

"The marriage of Web application firewalls with advanced fraud prevention is an important step towards increasing the integrity of online transactions," said Mickey Boodaei, CEO of Trusteer. "As attack sophistication increases, we believe that security teams will need the ability to detect and correlate malware activity with Web application traffic to bolster their defenses, and that's where Trusteer's partnership with Imperva will play a significant role."

Bot and Automation Protection

With version 9.0 of the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall, Imperva has introduced new defenses that help stop bots and automated attacks. SecureSphere anti-automation technology differentiates between bots and legitimate users, making it easy to block undesirable activity. Advanced application DDoS policies use innovative detection techniques to stop Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and customizable DDoS policy templates simplify administration. Finally, new site scraping policies help safeguard intellectual property and thwart competitive espionage.

IP Geolocation

Imperva has also extended ThreatRadar Reputation Services to include IP geolocation. With up-to-date IP information regarding geolocation, Imperva customers can block unauthorized activity by geographic location. Geolocation also helps organizations meet regulatory requirements, such as U.S. export controls EAR and OFAC, by restricting access from embargoed countries. Geolocation is included as part of ThreatRadar Reputation Services.

"Cyber criminals are combining fraud with automation," said Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva. "And thanks to the global nature of the internet, attacks come from everywhere. By combining anti-fraud and anti-automation with blacklisting by geo-location, we believe security teams have a powerful capability to increase efficiencies of doing business online."

SecureSphere 9.0 will be available in late 2011. For more information about SecureSphere, visit: http://www.imperva.com/products/wsc_web-application-firewall.html.

01. Nov 2011

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