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A very special aircraft: Sky-MAXX

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Sky-MAXX, the ideal aircraft for pilots desiring the higher cruise speeds available with aircraft in the Light Sports Aircraft (LSA/SLA) or ultralight category, whilst still maintaining the short field capabilities of the traditional microlight

Of aluminium alloy construction, the Sky-MAXX is a conventional, three axis, non-strut-braced monoplane. It's high lift wing, incorporating leading edge slats and electrical flaps, produces unsurpassed short take-off and landing (STOL) performance, whilst maintaining 103 kts (200 km/h) cruise.

Sky-MAXX in comparison to conventional ultralights:

Many ultralight-manufactors don't built their airplanes for (long-)distance-flights but they built them mainly up on nostalgia-reproductions and fun-appliances.

Compared with these models, the Sky-MAXX distinguishes itself through his robust full-aluminum-construction and highest quality-standards, that are far over the usual standards in the ultralight-norm.

So, electric flaps and trimming are offered by many manufacturers not even as special-provisions, for example. By the Sky-MAXX, these belong to the series-provisions.

Individual provision-variations (different tails, different undercarriage systems), motor-selection, varnishing as well as further avionic-accessoires are criterions, that don't offer most other ul-manufactors.

Conventional ultralights can be flown usually only by one pilot. The Sky-MAXX can be flown by 2 pilots.

The view-field in the Sky-MAXX amounts approximately 270° and corresponds that of a helicopter.

And, last but not least: Sky-MAXX is able to fly a low stall speed and is able to fly a high vmax.

Sky-MAXX in comparison to helicopters:

The extremely outstanding speed of the Sky-MAXX allows vibration-free flights (for observation or photo-flights).

The Sky-MAXX cannot replace the helicopter if it is necessary to start or to land vertically, but as soon as however, a start and runway of 30-50 meters (professionell pilots need only 10-15 meters) is available, the use of Sky-MAXX is more advantageous in every case:

A small helicopter starts approximately in the purchase at 450,000.00 USD, Sky-MAXX starts approximately in the basic-configuration at 100,000.00 USD (ready for fly) or 49,500.00 USD (for a 120 hrs-kit).

A flight-hour in a helicopter is to calculate at minimum 400 USD, Sky-MAXX costs approximately 60 USD per hour.

The essentially higher education-costs of the pilots are not taken into account on that occasion at the helicopter.

Sky-MAXX is the perfect solution for:

control and observation flights,

farmer and forest inspectors,

coastguard and police,

photography and animal watching

and for all pilots who take care of good quality and special performance


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