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Taros: 20,000 unprecedented chemical compounds delivered to the European Lead Factory Drug Discovery Platform

Von Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG

Taros Chemicals, a privately owned CRO focused on serving the needs of pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical and biotech companies, announced that it achieved in November this year the benchmark of delivery of 20,000 unprecedented chemical compounds to b


Taros Chemicals, a leading European custom research and manufacturing organization announced it is robustly progressing through year 3 of the 5 year’s ELF project duration.

With over 20,000 compounds delivered into the Joint European Compound Library by end 2015, Taros is currently leading the SME contribution of novel screening compounds to the ELF collection. Starting from an initial monthly production of 100 compounds at the beginning of 2014, today more than 1,000 quality checked and purified compounds are made available for shipment every month.

 A distinctive characteristic of the Taros’ screening compounds is its high level of structural complexity and three-dimensionality, two features that are regarded as attractive in drug discovery application. Taros Chemicals takes the challenge to design and synthesized unprecedented spiro, bridge and fused polycycles with different degrees of saturation, conjugation and substitution patterns. The over 25 finalized scaffolds with high three-dimensional character provide versatile starting points and ample opportunities for further chemical exploration and growth during the hit-to-lead phase.


A recent joint publication authored by Taros scientists called "Expansion of chemical space for collaborative lead generation and drug discovery: the European Lead Factory Perspective" earlier this month in “Drug Discovery Today” details the results of a benchmark study performed on the screening compound collection being currently designed and synthesised within the Chemistry Consortium of European Lead Factory Consortium led by Taros.


Free download available until Dec. 25th, 2015: [Article]




About Taros Chemicals

Taros, an independent and privately owned contract research company based in Dortmund, Germany, has been serving the needs of pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical and biotech companies since 1999. More than 10.000 synthesis, research and process chemistry projects have successfully been delivered to the ever growing global customer base. Taros operates state-of-the art lab facilities and employs a team of scientists (65% of whom hold post-graduate degrees in Chemistry) who are committed to supporting the diverse needs of its customers in efficient drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and classical synthetic chemistry. Taros’ scientists combine more than 140 years industrial organic chemistry experience and over 60 years of active drug discovery experience from big pharmas and biotechs. They have expertise across a broad range of therapeutic areas (oncology, respiratory, CNS, cardiovascular, inflammation, pain, metabolism and infectious) and in all small molecule target classes. Being committed to supporting our global customer base in efficient drug discovery, medicinal and synthetic chemistry initiatives, we have developed TarosGate®. TarosGate® is a unique software suite putting cost, time and chemistry information at a Project Leader’s finger tips - 24h/7 from anywhere in the world. TarosGate® software is a major cornerstone for the efficient chemistry process management of the European Lead Factory drug development platform.

About the European Lead Factory

The European Lead Factory (ELF), initiated in January 2013, is a €196 million Public Private Partnership (PPP) supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and is aimed at boosting the initial phases of the drug discovery process. Pharmaceutical companies, academic groups and five Discovery small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have formed a pan-European consortisum to address the challenge of delivering an innovative, publicly-accessible, screening deck of synthetically-tractable compounds, named the Public Compound Collection (PCC). As part of the ELF, the seven participating pharmaceutical companies have contributed over 300,000 chemical compounds from their corporate chemical collections and the academic and SME members will deliver up to 200,000 compounds from unprecedented areas of biologically-relevant chemical space.


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