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How to Switch to eSIM Successfully!


COMPRION is launching a new test system that eases the introduction of eSIM and RSP technology for enterprises


Many MNOs believe that in three to five years there will be hardly any devices holding traditional SIMs. To smoothen the switch to eSIM and the appertaining mechanisms, COMPRION has developed a new test system that is available at once. Using the new RSP Consumer Devices Platform, service providers, network operators, and manufacturers of servers, consumer devices, and eUICCs can test their real components against a simulated, GSMA-conforming system and thus make sure that remote SIM provisioning (RSP) works without hiccups.



How Does the New Test System Work?

RSP Consumer Devices Platform is software that emulates the consumer devices infrastructure defined by the GSMA in a test environment. The GSMA specified the infrastructure to consist of back-end servers (SM-DP+, SM-DS), eSIM, and mobile devices and also the communication interfaces to be used. “You can think of the new test solution as a pool of GSMA-conforming simulations of exactly these components and interfaces“, explains Dr. Frank Oberhokamp, eSIM and RSP expert at COMPRION. For example,  network providers, who want to extend their business processes to include the new eSIM infrastructure, can test their adaptations against the simulated, GSMA-conforming system.



Simulation Instead of Real Components – The Benefits at a Glance

With only a few clicks and within just minutes, the simulated system can be deployed. With real components, this would take days.

Using simulated components also reduces the complexity of remote SIM provisioning. The simulations only incorporate those component features that are really needed for testing the RSP functionality (“lean testing”). Consequently, problems can be detected more easily and quickly, business processes can be optimized, and development of environments can be accelerated. Additionally, the operator can gather experience that helps when selecting real components later on.

Also, you can test dedicated operative components of the infrastructure by replacing the simulated component with the component under test. Then, it is very easy to set up various error scenarios by changing parameters of the remaining simulated components and observing the reaction of the component under test to these manipulations.



One Point of Access and Rights Management

Nowadays, development departments of most large companies are spread all over the world. Consequently, control and collaboration can be tricky. RSP Consumer Devices Platform solves the problem by being web-based and having a central entity for control and rights management. Thus, it is ensured that all departments work with the same test profiles and that modifications can be rolled out over the whole organization.



Supreme User-Friendliness Thanks to Singular Process Representation

To ease the troubleshooting process, COMPRION offers integrated views for comprehensive monitoring and logging: the so-called Sequence Diagram. Oberhokamp explicates, “On the one hand, it provides a clearly-structured overview of the extremely complex processes. On the other hand, by displaying detailed information for RSP functions, it helps developers to analyze and resolve problems. We know from our customers that this features significantly facilitates work because it represents the complex processes in a simple way.“



23. Jul 2018

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COMPRION is the worldwide leading manufacturer of test solutions for terminals and smart cards covering
contact-based and contactless technologies. Our standardization activities enable us to integrate the
latest standards into our products. As COMPRION systems are renowned for precise measurement capabilities, the company serves all top handset, card, chipset manufacturers, mobile network operators, and test houses.

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