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ComMUSICation by John Groves

Von Groves Sound Branding GmbH

Now Available as an eBook

ComMUSICation, the best-selling* Sound Branding book by John Groves, is now available as an eBook at:


Amazon Kindle  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Scribd

& a host of other platforms


available at: groves.de/commusication


ComMUSICation is an account of the writer’s hands-on experiences with music for brands and his analytical views and opinions. It contains a detailed description of the GROVES structured system for developing and managing Brand Sound Identities. This book is a must-read for those involved in marketing, advertising, or branding, and for anyone responsible for using sound and music in brand communications.

*Commusication reached number 57 on the Amazon best-seller list in the category “Branding and Logo Design.”



About the author:

John Groves became one of the pioneers of Sound Branding, by developing a structured system for the creation and implementation of brand and corporate Sound Identities. In this book, he shares personal experiences and anecdotes of how music can be responsible for suicide, revolutions, and making people pay more for a glass of wine. His roots are in music composition, where he has a reputation for creating memorable music. He is responsible for Sound Logos and jingles for an impressive array of brands, such as Austrian, DEA, Visa, LBS, Olympus, TUI, Melitta, Wrigley and many more.


Tel: +49 172 450 44 91


 GROVES, Hamburg, Germany presse@groves.de 



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