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Certified translations: Essential documents for globetrotters

Von Berlin Translate


The opportunities for private individuals or businesses to move to international areas is increasing. Therefore, there is a higher demand for certified documents, particularly translations. 


Due to constantly improving mobility, willingness to up and move to another country is growing. In most cases, such people need various documents, that must be sworn translated. The Berlin Agency Berlin Translate has offered translation services for more than 10 years. 



Higher significance of sworn translation


In order to acknowledge the validity of the translation, authorities, courts, and administrative bodies often demand a sworn translation. This is a translation of an official document that is subsequently provided with a certification mark by a sworn translator. Only with the signature of a sworn translator is the authenticity of the translation guaranteed in a legally binding manner and is therefore considered to be officially certified.



Rising numbers of emigrants


According to the agency Berlin Translate, the demand for sworn translations is increasing each year, due to the increasing number of workers and travellers. According to Statista.com, the number of emigrants has doubled since 2015. As a result, the rush for the respective documents has increased. For private individuals, identity documents and certificates of all kinds are translated in order to guarantee their stay abroad. Through the huge network that Berlin Translate has, it is possible to provide sworn translations in almost any language combination. This also happens for work contracts, diplomas such as work references or internship certificates and annual diplomas for employees or businesses. In order to ensure a comfortable stay for each and every person, Berlin Translate works to provide seamless language services. 


For further interest


Those interested in this topic, you can go to our agency website to get more information or to give us feedback: https://berlin-translate.de/beglaubigte-uebersetzungen


On the Berlin Translate blog, you can find regular blog entries about language and culture. Take the opportunity and explore the blog here: https://berlin-translate.de/blog


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