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Legal Translators: The balancing act of being both multilingual and technically accurate.


The international connectedness of businesses and law firms means that documents consequently need to me professionally translated. The Berlin-based agency, Berlin Translate, has offered translation services for more than 10 years now, with legal translation ranking amongst their most demanded skills. 


Legal translation is, broadly speaking, an offer of information written in a target legal language and a target legal order about an offer of information consisting of a source legal language and a source legal order. Berlin Translate translators further state that the most important aspects of legal translation are both the legal terms and the legal orders. Accurately connecting these dots and, what’s more, adequately addressing the addressees, who consist of both professionals and non-professionals, make legal translation a demanding field.


Difficulties when it comes to legal translations


With many years of experience in this field, Berlin Translate is also aware of the problems involved in legal translation. Legal circumstances, cultural and linguistic aspects can create a huge obstacle, that the translator must overcome. One thing is top priority: the complete and unaltered reproduction of the information. 


The Berlin translation agency also knows, what criteria makes a good legal translator. Mastery of the source and target language, stylistics and subject terminology is essential prerequisites for the translator. From general terms and conditions (T&Cs) to contracts and court rulings, Berlin Translate only trusts its most qualified translators with relevant experience in the subject areas. 


For further interest


Those interested in this topic, you can go to our agency website to get more information or to give us feedback: https://berlin-translate.de/beglaubigte-uebersetzungen


On the Berlin Translate blog, you can find regular blog entries about language and culture. Take the opportunity and explore the blog here: https://berlin-translate.de/blog


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