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Poko-Institut | 16.10.2017

German labour law in English language

Wissenschaft, Forschung, Bildung
22.04.2013 - 22.04.2013
DE-60598 Frankfurt/Main


The German legal system is totally different compared to the Anglo-American system. Especially in German labour law there are many specifics, such as the right of termination and the unique rights of works councils. Knowledge in German labour law helps you to avoid failings and to perform strongly in your business.


Conclusion and terms of the employment contract

  • Verbal or written'
  • Probation time, temporary work contract
  • Vacation, long hours

German specifics in the employment

  • Parental leave
  • Part-time work

Major problems in the employment

  • Poor performance of employees
  • Disciplinary actions: warnings versus reprimands

Termination of an employment contract (dismissal)

  • Formalities, termination with/without notice
  • Redundancies due to business operations
  • Dismissal for wrong conduct and alternative routes of dismissal
  • Termination for personal reasons

Works council

  • Cooperation between employer and works council
  • Important obligations of employers
  • Main rights of co-determination of works councils

Litigation in the labour court


Executive managers, business leaders, employers, staff managers, members of HR-departments


  • A lot of information, practical examples,
  • questions and answers relevant for your day-to-day operations,
  • tightly arranged in a small group of participators.

  • Preis: 650 €

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