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Lantech IES-2307C

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. - 7-Port 10/100TX + 3-Port 10/100/1000T with 100/1000M - SFP Combo Industrial Managed Switch with DIDO - Supports DIDO (Digital input / output) function - Pro-Ring2se for self-heal ring<20ms and dual homing - Support advanced SNMP including QoS,...

Klingenberg, 30.04.2014 - .

- 7-Port 10/100TX + 3-Port 10/100/1000T with 100/1000M

- SFP Combo Industrial Managed Switch with DIDO

- Supports DIDO (Digital input / output) function

- Pro-Ring2se for self-heal ring<20ms and dual homing

- Support advanced SNMP including QoS, IGMP query & source,QinQ, DDM, CPU monitoring

- UL Class I Division II for Group A,B,C and D

The Lantech IES-2307C is an 7-port 10/100BaseTX + 3-port 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo industrial switch with Pro-Ring IIs self-recovery scheme in 20ms. The SFP connection is suitable with 100M or 1000M Dual Speed. The advanced SNMP management features include QoS for 4 queues, 802.1q VLAN, IGMP snooping, query and source only for multicast IP surveillance, DDM(need to work with SFP that has diagnostic function) as well as Web Ping,CPU load monitoring, SNTP and SMTP etc The Pro-Ring2se self-recovery scheme can recover Ring network in less than 20ms with single ring up to 50 switches and dual homing topologies with one step setup. Lantech IES-2307C builds all the important management features required in large network like DHCP Client/Server, 802.1X authentication, IGMP Query / Snooping, advanced QoS and QinQ. The exclusive source only function is good for reverse multicast flow which can automatically select the query (router port) in a ring for IP surveillance application. It also supports Ping commands via Web to detect whether a specific device is still connected for easy trouble-shooting.

The DIDO function can support additional open/close physical contact for designate applications besides Port / Power events, for example, DIDO function can trigger alarm if the switch was moved or stolen. In case of events, the IES-2307C will immediately send an email to pre-defined addresses as well as SNMP Traps out. It provides 2DI and 2DO while disconnection of the specific port was detected; DO will activate the signal LED to alarm. DI can integrate the sensors for events and DO will trigger the alarm while sending alert information to IP network with email and traps.

The IES-2307C is designed to meet with critical network environment with IP 30 enclosure and test under extensive Industrial EMI and Safety standards. With UL Class I Division II approval, the IES-2307C can be implemented in hazardous or explosive condition without accelerating the damage. It's the best choice for inflammable environment where the liquid, gas and vapor etc might present the hazardous condition which generally to be find in mining, oil & gas, chemical, processing automation areas. It's also suitable for surveillance, factory automation, transportation, telecom / ISP outside terminal, heavy industrial factory and other factory assembly lines.

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