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SEEL – Sounds and audios in learning processes

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The European project SEEL – Sounds in European E-Learning (2014-1-DE02-KA200-001631) is embedded in the key action ‘Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices’, action ‘Strategic Partnerships’. SEEL focuses on the field of vocational education and training  (VET) and aims to develop research results in the field of using sound and audio elements in e-learning setting. The sounds created will be made available as open educational resources (OER) which can then be used for integration into different learning opportunities and environments. Furthermore a training course on the use of sound and audio elements in learning contexts will be developed, especially for visual impaired learners.

Currently the consortium is working on the curricular design and the train-the-teacher module which should be implemented as a face-to-face as well as online course.  At the end of October the consortium had its third, successful partner meeting in Timisoara, Romania. The focus was on the discussion of the ongoing tasks and next steps for implementation. The partners are proud for the integration of the first Micro Units with the contents around language learning, mathematics and sales. All information are available at our project website:



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Keywords: Timisoara, SEEL

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