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Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 83
DE-20355 Hamburg

+49 5636 993 7920

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Since 2008, we have been head-hunting the best minds for listed and non-listed companies in both change situations and for startups. We cooperate with investors and family offices and advise privately held companies in finding the right heads for company succession planning. In addition, strong handpicked interim managers help our clients to transform their businesses. We operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lithuania.

We take a personal approach.

Founded by Dr. Frank Knoche we work “boutique style” with a small team of proven experts. We regard the entire selection and hiring process right up to the successful signing with the candidate of choice as a hand-crafted process. Ensuring that the candidates best suit our client’s specific corporate culture is our top priority. We are focused on long-term relationships with clients and candidates: We will never push anybody into an agreement just to finish a sale.

Our character as a “boutique” as well as the demands that we place upon the quality of our work means that we only accept executive search assignments exclusively given to us. We only work for clients where we have a strong feeling that we can provide a sustainable solution.

We take a direct approach.

We maintain an open and direct communication with our clients and candidates. We do not play games. We expect commitment from our partners.

We deliver results. Very fast.

Clients and candidates are often surprised how fast we deliver reliable results. And believe us: You will be surprised, too.


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