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Inflow English (Business English Training)

Inflow English (Business English Training)
Nordendstr 74
78315 Germany

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A provider of high quality Business English Training and communication solutions. What you do get is a Training program that accelerates and deepens learning by placing four essential factors at the core of the Training: effective learner psychology, effective learning environment, effective strategy & effective action. Furthermore, you get a target driven English Training solution that puts YOU and your goals right at the center of the training. A training that is entirely geared towards getting REAL results – results that you have paid for and therefore expect.

InFlow's English Solutions include;
In-Company Business English Training. Includes English for Presentations, Sales Pitches, Meetings, customer service and telephone calls,
1 to 1 English Coaching.
Fully Integrated InCorporate Training
English Copywriting and Proofreading Services (E.g Websites, Presentations, Marketing Promotions
German to English Website Translation
English Job Interview Training
English CV / English Resume Copywriting and Proofreading.


Herr Karl Dean
Founder and Head Trainer


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Business English Training, English Communication Training, English at work, English Teaching


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