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Customer from India orders 400 MW in cell production lines

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At the end of September a contract was concluded between the Indian corporation Jain Solar Energy Pvt Ltd and the process equipment supplier Gebr. Schmid GmbH + Co. for two cell production lines with a total capacity of 13,200 cells/h.

These production lines make up the first joint project between the business partners Jain Group and the Schmid Group. The sum which will be invested in the final expansion phase totaling 400 MW lies in the three-figure million euro range. The cell production system is one of the most modern of its kind worldwide featuring the process cluster system which means it can produce at a very attractive CoO (cost of ownership) rate. The individual process clusters are hereby interconnected by the Montech Intralogistic System which is controlled by the Schmid Overall Factory Control System. The final expansion stage will be installed in two phases: the delivery of the lines is hereby planned for the second and third quarter of 2011.
When ordering the cell production lines, Jain Solar Energy Pvt Ltd has also opted for the Selective Emitter technology. The special feature of this technology: the high phosphorous doping on the cell is selectively etched and remains only in those places where contacts are subsequently printed. Furthermore, the new space-saving Schmid direct-plasma PECVD cluster concept will also be applied. This enables a high throughput rate with unique availability on a very small footprint.

About the Jain Group:
The Jain Group is an Indian Corporation based in Kolkata, India. The group is engaged in the Business Verticals of Infrastructure, Steel, Energy and Real Estate. The Indian corporation which is currently establishing its position in the photovoltaic value chain is now taking up the production of solar cells.
More information: www.jaingroup.co.in

About Schmid:
Schmid is technologically the world’s leading supplier of system and process solutions for printed circuit board technology, flat panel display production as well as for the photovoltaic industry concerning thin film applications and the manufacture of solar wafers, cells and modules. The product portfolio comprises single equipment and turnkey production lines with guaranteed performance parameters such as production capacity and degree of efficiency. The Schmid Group covers the entire solar value-creation chain with a high percentage of in-house production. The tradition of a system supplier is already continuing in the fifth generation with the focus on customer-orientated process solutions, economical concepts and a continuous development of new process technologies in their own research centers. The Schmid Group produces with 2,200 employees worldwide in Germany, Taiwan, Japan, China and USA and is represented worldwide with numerous service branches. The group sales volume in 2009 was 400 Million Euro.
More information: www.schmid-group.com

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