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econique Employee Portal Evolution Masters 2011

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Evolution of employee portals - Finding your way through the social media technology minefield 26th / 27th May 2011 - Hotel Palace, Berlin / Germany

2010 has been a great year for intranets. Web 2.0 finally came out of its shell and the explosive growth of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube brought social tools to the mainstream. This in turn helped many organisational leaders understand that capturing and sharing information inside the enterprise had a lot of potential, when social tools are leveraged.

However despite substantial investment in intranets over the past decade and social media in the last 2-3 years, most companies find they’re still not delivering a return on investment in terms of use and increased efficiency in the way employees access useful and important information.
An employee portal improves the prospect by offering benefits in terms of usability, return visits and stickiness, improved communication, consolidation of infrastructure and freeing the knowledge silos created by traditional departmental site design. Employee portals have become the setting for discussion of ideas, opinions and transactions: Web 2.0 and the growth of social networking has created exciting tools for businesses to communicate and organise with employees.

Now the real challenge is to leverage the power of these new social networks to create innovative and original internal communication experiences. Businesses that are not aware of these tools could be passing up opportunities to create a competitive edge and risk looking staid to an increasingly savvy and social internet population. The traditional information-based, push-oriented intranets are certainly out of fashion and many say they have lost their value for today‘s organisations. At one time they offered a central location for employees to obtain information on corporate policies and procedures, find coworkers and to store their work documents. Organisations far and wide are replacing traditional Intranets with a more „social“ intranet – one that supports the use of social media tools for enterprise collaboration. The “Social Intranet“ has become a meeting place to share ideas, knowledge and support each other in daily work activities.
While some may argue that the social intranet is an informal meeting place for employees, others see it as the hub or central workspace providing access to all information and applications in the future.

The portals, content and collaboration space is moving at breakneck speed. Accordingly, the development of social media and a complex digital society is changing the role and function of intranets and employee portals rapidly. The second annual “Employee Portal Evolution Masters” in Berlin will discuss strategic approaches to the handling and management of complex intranets & employee portals in rapidly changing digital environment with top executives from all over Europe.

With international Top-speakers at a senior executive level, the Employee Portal Evolution Masters will establish a new approach in finding the right strategy in handling complex digital media for employee portals.


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