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Southwest Windpower stellt auf der Hannover Messe erstmals seine Kleinwind-Kraft-Anlagen vor

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Skystream 3.7?, Air Breeze? and Whisper? Turbines Highlighted at Leading "Smart Technology" trade show

Skystream 3. ...

HANNOVER, Germany - April 4, 2011 - Southwest Windpower, the world"s leading supplier of small wind turbines, will showcase its market-leading range during Hannover Messe 2011 from April 4 - 8 in Hannover, Germany. At the trade fair, Southwest Windpower representatives will provide visitors with a unique look at their wind turbine technology - the industry leading Skystream 3.7?, Air Breeze? and Whisper? wind turbines that help to make wind energy an affordable, accessible option for consumers.

"As the world"s largest producer of small wind turbines, Southwest Windpower has pioneered new technologies to make renewable energy simple, reliable and efficient," said Kate Sizer, Vice President and Managing Director of Europe for Southwest Windpower. "Hannover Messe"s theme, "smart technology", aligns seamlessly with our company"s product goals. Skystream 3.7,Air Breeze and Whisper are efficient, user-friendly turbines whose sophisticated, low-cost technology provide an affordable, clean energy option for users that will help to reduce their energy bills."

Southwest Windpower"s turbines offer different applications to accommodate a variety of users" specific needs. The Skystream system is primarily designed for grid-connected applications and is often used singly to help offset the power of one residential home or business, although it is scale-able in order to power larger building and commercial facilities with multiple units. The Air Breeze range is for use in off-grid applications where a small amount of power is needed, such as boats, small cabins or homes, monitoring stations and off-shore drilling platforms. The Whisper range is for off-grid environments that require a higher power output, such as remote homes, telecommunications sites, water pumping and irrigation plus rural applications in moderate to extreme environments.

Earlier this year, a Whisper turbine helped to power a car 3,100 miles along the southern Australian coast in a vehicle that used the wind"s energy to charge up its battery. The total electricity cost for the "Wind Explorer" vehicle came out to less than 15 USD. In addition to an 8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, the car was equipped with a kite system and a portable wind turbine with a 20-foot bamboo mast, resulting in a lightweight electric car weighing under 500 pounds, with a top speed of 55 miles an hour, all with close to zero emissions.

According to Ms. Sizer, innovations such as those found in the Skystream 3.7 have made such a system a much more efficient and economical option for generating renewable energy. Most recently, Skystream 3.7 received Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) product certification, enabling customers who install a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine to qualify for the UK government"s Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) or Clean Energy Cash-Back Scheme. Incentives, along with the continual advancement of technology help Southwest Windpower continue to serve as an industry leader, bringing low-cost, reliable, clean energy to the world.

Hannover Messe represents one of the world's leading platforms for industrial technology, featuring a complete array of product solutions designed to streamline production processes and reduce costs. The 2011 show is set to highlight "smart technology," where exhibitors at each of 13 trade fairs will present their smart solutions.

At Southwest Windpower"s exhibit in hall 27 at stand H02, visitors will witness leading wind generation technology, components and services, and partake in a Wind Party on Thursday, April 7.

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