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NovaStor Speeds Cloud Backup by 30 Times

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The latest 12.1 version of NovaStor?s platforms for public and private cloud services, now equipped with FastBIT® 3, backs up and restores data in the cloud 30 times faster than previous versions.

Data protection specialist NovaStor has introduced its fastest cloud backup technology to date. NovaStor?s new file differencing algorithm for its cloud backup platforms, FastBIT® 3, makes data transfer time during cloud backup 30 times faster and notably...

Hamburg / Germany, 08.06.2011 - Data protection specialist NovaStor has introduced its fastest cloud backup technology to date. NovaStor?s new file differencing algorithm for its cloud backup platforms, FastBIT® 3, makes data transfer time during cloud backup 30 times faster and notably decreases cache load.

FastBIT® 3 Technology Allows for Quicker Backups

FastBIT® is a patching process, and the core technology behind NovaStor?s technology to power speedy backup services. The patching process compares two different versions of the same file and extracts the differences between the files. When the differences are extracted from the two files, they are saved into a new file and compressed into what is known as a 'patch.? This new patch file is often 85% to 99.9% smaller than the file which the patch was originally extracted from.

FastBIT® 3 Enables Cloud Backup for Extremely Large Files

The efficiency of FastBIT® 3 dramatically reduces the end-user time required to back up data from any public or private network location, including slow dialup connections. In regards to large amounts of data, the new FastBIT® 3 now enables the online backup of data. In previous versions, large data loads suffered extremely slow backup times when transferred via an online connection. Tests showed that when using FastBIT® 3 technology to process and back up a 100 GB file, it took under three hours, in comparison to the more than 72 hours it took when using the previous FastBIT® 2 technology. Cache space has also been reduced. In the case of the 100 GB file, cache was reduced from 45 GB to 631 MB.

'We?re pleased to introduce an innovation that massively improves the overall quality of cloud backup services ? whether in a public or a private cloud. By reducing backup times, cache load, and the bandwidth needed, users experience a very easy-to-use service,? says Stefan Utzinger, CEO at NovaStor. 'We expect our new technology to increase the customer retention with Managed Service Providers and the acceptance of private cloud offerings by mobile employees and satellite offices.?


FastBIT® 3 has been implemented in NovaStor?s latest generation of cloud backup platforms, NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce 12.1 for private backup cloud services and NovaBACKUP xSP 12.1 for public backup cloud services, and is available in NovaStor?s online shop as well as from authorized resellers. NovaStor?s complete line of data protection and backup software covers single workstations, server and virtual machine protection, network protection from medium to large-sized businesses, multi-site environments, global data centers of all sizes, as well as platforms for private and public cloud offerings for internal IT services and public managed service providers.

Meet NovaStor at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

For an individual presentation and personalized meeting, please arrange an appointment with NovaStor at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference from July 6th to 10th, 2011 in Los Angeles. Appointments can be booked at

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