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Thermal printers benefit IGEL Technology GmbH

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DASCOM?s thermal printer is the top choice

The client PCs have a strong competitor that is becoming increasingly popular: thin clients, which are both cheap to buy and to operate. One of the fastest growing manufacturers in this sector is IGEL Technology. The thin client hardware and software...

Ulm, 21.06.2011 - The client

PCs have a strong competitor that is becoming increasingly popular: thin clients, which are both cheap to buy and to operate. One of the fastest growing manufacturers in this sector is IGEL Technology. The thin client hardware and software provider is the market leader in Germany and number 3 in Europe, and thus one of the top five largest manufacturers in the world. The company, with its head office in Bremen and a production site in Augsburg, was founded in 1989. With its technology and customer service, IGEL Technology provides support to over ten thousand companies and public authorities worldwide. IGEL Technology also operates its own European, American and Asian sales and logistics centres for distribution and installation.

A booming market calls for efficient distribution

The use of thin clients is on the increase in almost every sector. A company like IGEL Technology in particular owes its rapid success to its consistent focus on the excellent customer benefits of its devices. The thin client sector is a fast growing market, and this means that when increasing its capacities, IGEL Technology also needs to meet the increasing challenges of distribution and logistics. And this is where the printing of labels becomes a cost factor not to be underestimated ? which is why it?s always good to have the right printer.

Thermal Printer 7010 from DASCOM prints labels quickly and flexibly

IGEL Technology has replaced the printer previously in use at the company with the Thermal Printer 7010. The company had been looking to achieve flexibility and cut costs, and until it acquired the Thermal Printer 7010, it had been printing out, as and when required, three labels on a DIN A4 sheet via a terminal. The problem with this was that if IGEL Technology needed just one label, the remaining two label fields went to waste, as the company?s previous printer could not be flexibly configured to print the desired number of labels. 'The Thermal Printer 7010 from DASCOM was the perfect answer to all our problems,? says Torsten Hengst, Director of Operations at IGEL Technology.

Integration in the SAP system brings invaluable advantages

The fact that DASCOM?s thermal printer makes the printing of labels more economical and therefore more cost effective for IGEL Technology is not the only advantage this printer brings to the company ? another advantage is that it can also be easily integrated in the company?s existing SAP system. IGEL Technology is particularly pleased about this because its previous printer could not be seamlessly integrated in its processes, which meant more work and higher costs. Since the Thermal Printer 7010 has been in use at IGEL Technology, the company?s print processes have been controlled automatically via the SAP system. It is, however, still also possible to operate the printer directly via the terminal.

Thermal Printer 7010 results in a significant increase in productivity

At IGEL Technology GmbH, the overall advantage of using the new thermal printer from DASCOM is clear and simple: productivity is up by more than 30%. The reasons for this increase in productivity are the space savings, cost reductions, improved user friendliness and SAP integration. The Thermal Printer 7010 is still the outright ideal choice in the sector because it processes large print jobs quickly, flexibly and reliably.

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