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Increase work efficiency by introducing a project time tracking software in your company

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The art of time tracking - It varies from the traditional Excel spreadsheet to webbased solutions / Even the good old paper sheet is still seen

Equally diverse is the procedure. Some people prefer to note the time immediately, while others rather try to recall the hours they worked at the end of the month. It is undisputed, that time tracking can only unfold the full potential through consistent...

Stadtbergen, 21.06.2011 - Equally diverse is the procedure. Some people prefer to note the time immediately, while others rather try to recall the hours they worked at the end of the month.

It is undisputed, that time tracking can only unfold the full potential through consistent use. Many companies experienced, that a system accepted by all employees, results in much greater accuracy and fewer errors.

Little effort, maximum benefit

Companies surveyed were able to identify their time wasters after a short period of time using the software Xpert-Timer. Here's a quick overview of the advantages of Xpert-Timer:

- Accurately evaluate and assign project time.

- Project controlling does not need any complex Excel spreadsheets anymore.

- Project calculations are now realistic. No more inaccurate estimates.

- Invoices and timestamp reports can be created quickly and easily.

- Productive and unproductive periods can be evaluated easily in order to increase work efficiency.

What are the important features of a time tracking software?

First of all, time tracking is an additional task for every day. Therefore the motivation to use the software often lacks: "We have already got so much to do." As a consequence, entries are not made accurately. This of course causes errors in the evaluation of a project. In order to have employees accept the software, it must be easy to use. Ideally, it lets you start tracking time for a task with a single mouse click.

Timesheets for billing and invoices with a detailed activity list are common in many businesses. Project time tracking software should include these features to avoid additional software and reduce the time needed for administrative tasks. Besides these features, Xpert-Timer also includes an open programm interface to exchange data from and to ERP and CRM systems.

Todays project teams are working together on different projects the same time. Multi-user capability and also the ability for offline/online synchronization is a must. A great asset to the Windows software is the mobile time tracking app for Android smartphones. Employees can track their times on the road and immediately synchronize the data over the internet with the central server. Alternatively, they can synchronize through the local network, when they return to the office. Major advantages are: the project information is always up to date and waiting times, for example at the end of a month for billing, are eliminated.

A good time tracking software answers questions like: How much time was needed for a certain project? Was the budget estimated correctly? Where can we improve? With powerful, customizable reporting you can find the answers.

Aspects for successful time management

Once employee's have understood the benefit of a time tracking software, they will use it properly. The included To-Do list in Xpert-Timer allows to finish a task with one mouse click. No other task list is needed any more. Step by step, unproductive time will be eliminated and Xpert-Timer will save you valuable time - whether for your family or other exciting projects. A clear benefit for the effort.

Regular and accurate time entries are the success factors. By choosing a very easy to use software that integrates in your desktop, the first important step to success is done - not only when you replace a manual recording. Xpert-Timer PRO is a great tool to start tracking the project times in your company. Further details on their company website at:

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Sie benötigen eine Zeiterfassung mit der Sie projektbezogen Arbeitszeit erfassen können? Xpert-Timer bietet die Möglichkeit, Projektzeiten im Team und auch als Einzelanwender zu erfassen. Die installierte Software kann wahlweise mit einem MS-SQL, MySQL oder PostgreSQL Server betrieben werden. Bei der Einzelbenutzerversion wird eine Access Datenbank mitgeliefert.

Neben der Projektzeiterfassung bietet Xpert-Timer eine Aufgabenliste, eine Tätigkeitshistorie, um den Projektablauf zu dokumentieren, eine Kundenverwaltung die als kleines CRM genutzt werden kann, sowie eine Erinnerungsfunktion. Optional können noch weitere Module, wie ein Telefoniemodul, ein Outlookmodul, eine Leistungserfassung sowie ein Rechnungsmodul zugekauft werden.

Xpert-Timer gibt es neben der Windows Version auch als Android App. Die dort erfassten Daten können per Zusatzmodul "Synchronisation" in Kombination mit dem XTSyncServer mit dem Windows System synchronisiert werden.

Möchten Sie sämtliche Arbeitszeit projektbezogen dokumentieren, dann ist Xpert-Timer für Sie die beste Wahl! 30-Tage-Testversionen der Zeitmanagement Software stehen auf der Website des Herstellers zum Download bereit.


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