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Ready to Run: Fujitsu Simplifies Transition to Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

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New VDI Bundles allow fast and cost-effective rollout

Fujitsu today introduces a new solution that makes the move to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) easier for small and mid-size businesses. Fujitsu's VDI Bundles bypass complexity by providing all the hardware and software necessary for an easy transition...

Regensdorf, 03.10.2011 - Fujitsu today introduces a new solution that makes the move to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) easier for small and mid-size businesses. Fujitsu's VDI Bundles bypass complexity by providing all the hardware and software necessary for an easy transition from PC- and notebook-based workplaces.

Moving to VDI provides companies with savings both on hardware and IT operations, ensures that all business data is backed up on a central server, and saves energy costs in comparison to a traditional PC-based network. Although VDI is proven, today many smaller companies are still holding back from adopting it, because they are afraid of the complexity.

Fujitsu is addressing this with its new VDI Bundles, meeting increasing demand from both channel partners and end customers for a simplified transition process to VDI. The Fujitsu VDI Bundles come in two sizes - up to 42 workplaces, and up to 20 workplaces. Both include an optimized Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX200 S6 server, plus displays with integrated Fujitsu Zero Clients providing network interfaces. Fujitsu VDI Bundles also include a display, keyboard and mouse for managing the server. All software comes pre-installed and ready to run.

Fujitsu also builds in the possibility of future expansion by ensuring that the host servers and switches have room to add further Fujitsu Zero Clients. The optional Fujitsu Portable Zero Client - a plug-and-play USB device that allows existing desktops and notebooks to be used as VDI host nodes - even provides a solution for companies that want to re-use old Windows-based PCs when moving to VDI.

Through VDI, end users gain greater flexibility, as they can log on to their personal desktop from any Fujitsu Zero Client workplace on a company network, and even remotely. Performance is the same as using a desktop PC or notebook, but the Fujitsu Zero Client integrated in a display generate far less noise and heat - a welcome improvement to any busy office.

Dieter Heiss, Head of Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: «VDI is particularly well suited to the needs of small and mid-size businesses, but often seen as too complex. New Fujitsu VDI Bundles address exactly that, making the switch as simple as possible by including all the VDI elements in a single package - from the central server even through to the keyboards and mice, and the power and network cables.»

To get started with Fujitsu VDI Bundles, businesses need only determine the number of workplaces they require for the installation - and let Fujitsu provide everything necessary to get started, including optional installation and maintenance service offerings.

Fujitsu VDI Bundles are available through Fujitsu's direct sales and SELECT channel partners in the CEMEA&I region (Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa & India). Pricing varies according to country.


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