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Cybertrust stellt neues Online Compliance Program (OCP) vor

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Automatisierte Überprüfung der Einhaltung des PCI Data Security-Standards für Acquiring-Banken, Händler und Anbieter von Zahlungsservices

Um die Einhaltung des neuen ‘Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard’, der am 30. Juni in Kraft tritt, zu unterstützen, hat der Sicherheitsspezialist Cybertrust jetzt ein neues Online Compliance Program (OCP) für die PCI-Branche vorgestellt. Das OCP ist ein Komplettangebot, das die Einhaltung der PCI-Sicherheitsstandards zum Schutz der Kreditkarten-Informationen überwacht. Durch diese Konformitätsprüfungen wird das Risiko im Kreditkartengeschäft erheblich reduziert.

Am 30. Juni tritt der neue ‘Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard’ weltweit in Kraft. Der PCI Data Security-Standard, eine Initiative der großen Kreditkartenfirmen, bringt die bisher unterschiedlichen Sicherheitsvorgaben der verschiedenen Kartenanbieter auf einen gemeinsamen Standard. Der Standard ist für alle Online-Händler, die Kreditkartendaten erfassen oder speichern, verpflichtend. Mit der Einführung des neuen Sicherheits-Standards soll die Sicherheit im Online-Shopping verbessert werden.

Um die Einhaltung des neuen PCI-Standards zu unterstützen, hat der Sicherheitsspezialist Cybertrust jetzt ein neues Online Compliance Program (OCP) für die PCI-Branche vorgestellt. Das OCP ist ein Komplettangebot, das die Einhaltung der PCI-Sicherheitsstandards zum Schutz der Kreditkarten-Informationen überwacht. Durch diese Konformitätsprüfungen wird das Risiko im Kreditkartengeschäft erheblich reduziert.

Als zertifizierter Partner von MasterCard und Visa nutzt Cybertrust seine über 15-jährige Erfahrung im Bereich des Datenschutzes und der Datensicherheit, um Acquiring-Banken, Händlern und Anbietern von Zahlungsservices (Payment Service Providers, PSPs) eine weitgehend automatisierte Überprüfung der Einhaltung des PCI Data Security-Standards anzubieten.

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Full-Service Offering Demonstrates Regulatory Alignment for Acquiring Banks and Merchants, Improves Overall Security Posture While Reducing Risk

HERNDON, Va.—June 28, 2005—Cybertrust®, Inc., a global leader in information security services and enabling technologies, continues its commitment to ensuring compliance with information security standards through its Online Compliance Program (OCP) for the Payment Card Industry (PCI). OCP is a full-service offering to govern the safekeeping of credit card account information and reduce the compromise of personal information as mandated by the PCI Data Security Standard. As a preferred provider of the MasterCard SDP solution and a certified assessor for both MasterCard and Visa worldwide, Cybertrust is leveraging more than 15 years of data vulnerability, security and secure data analysis intelligence to offer acquiring banks, merchants and payment service providers (PSPs), fully automatic verification of compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

In an effort to protect cardholders and the integrity of the payment system from rising incidents of theft, the PCI has mandated that all merchants who store, process or transmit credit card data are required to be certified as compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard by June 30, 2005. With the goal of ensuring wider acceptance of data security across the payments industry, acquiring banks and merchants that fail to comply could face substantial financial penalties or be permanently barred from accepting credit cards.

“With the compliance deadline fast approaching, the threat of fines and liabilities looms large for a significant number of banks, merchants and service providers,” said Ronald Van Geijn, vice president of product management at Cybertrust. “These organizations must annually demonstrate proof of compliance with multiple information security policies, standards and regulations. With an automated and repeatable full service process, Cybertrust OCP delivers sustainable value to all parties, enabling them to demonstrate PCI compliance quarter after quarter, year after year.”

By closely following the evolution of the PCI Data Security Standard and changes in the credit card industry compliance requirements, OCP provides acquiring banks, merchants and PSPs with practical insight on where the standards are today and where they may be going tomorrow.

3Delta Systems, Inc., an electronic payment gateway providing Internet-based credit card authorization and settlement services, works proactively and aggressively to pursue security compliance; key to the Company’s vision is having security and stability built into the core of the IT infrastructure. Due to the many different and evolving elements that are involved in designing and implementing a security posture, it was important that 3Delta Systems select a security partner with superior knowledge and experience to help them navigate the various security requirements it was facing both in the short and long term. The Company engaged Cybertrust security experts and utilized OCP to ensure it was compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard.

“With the PCI Data Security Standard and beyond, it was critical that security be a primary focus to ensure the integrity and privacy of our customers’ data. Working with a trusted and strategic partner like Cybertrust was extremely beneficial to address PCI Data Security Standard compliance,” stated Aaron Bills, vice president of product and business development at 3Delta Systems. “Beyond the basics of assessment, Cybertrust security experts provided us with technical insights, best-practice benchmarking and toolsets that allowed us to analyze, understand, and augment our compliance posture. We will continue to utilize Cybertrust and OCP to demonstrate annual PCI compliance and evolve our security posture.”

Because acquiring banks can be held liable for compliance failures by individual merchants, Cybertrust’s OCP delivers significant value through providing both an Acquirer and a Merchant Dashboard. The Acquirers Dashboard provides banks with a centralized view to monitor the progress of its entire merchant and PSP population, expediting the compliance review process and streamlining a formerly manual process into a single view online. Similarly, merchants benefit from a 24x7 dashboard to take self-assessment questionnaires and schedule required vulnerability scans, as well as generate reports detailing the full line of action taken to reduce credit card fraud and detect vulnerabilities. This dual approach ensures maximum control for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of credit card payment transactions.

About Cybertrust
Cybertrust is a global information security company that offers business-driven consulting, managed services and enabling technologies. Helping businesses and governments gain greater visibility and control of their risk by aligning information security to their business objectives – often with the people, processes and technologies already in place – Cybertrust is 100 percent focused on information security and is vendor- and product-neutral. Its intelligence and resources are applied to deliver the best possible information security practices and strategies for each customer’s business, specifically focusing on critical identity and access, threat and vulnerability, and compliance management challenges. Cybertrust has earned the trust of thousands of customers worldwide and has been recognized as the global market leader in managed security services, and are one of the world’s top five largest providers of information security. Cybertrust has 30 offices around the world and is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, USA. For more information, visit


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