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Preview for productronica 2011, Hall A1., booth A1.458 for Market Leader JTAG Technologies

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A bundle of brand new solutions for the Design, Engineering and Production Industry

JTAG Technologies, market leader in boundary-scan solutions will showcase these latest hard- and software solutions at productronica 2011 in Hall A1, booth A1.458. MAC-Panel Scout Mass Interconnect System Highlight will be a new JTAG/boundary-scan...

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 19.10.2011 - JTAG Technologies, market leader in boundary-scan solutions will showcase these latest hard- and software solutions at productronica 2011 in Hall A1, booth A1.458.

MAC-Panel Scout Mass Interconnect System

Highlight will be a new JTAG/boundary-scan hardware interface product compatible with the MAC-Panel 'Scout' mass interconnect system. The JT 2147/DAK is a signal conditioning module that allows seamless connections from JTAG Technologies PXI DataBlaster to the Scout's connection system.

Based on the highly successful QuadPod architecture from JTAG Technologies the JT 2147/DAK has been specifically designed in the MAC Panel 'Direct Access Kit' (DAK) form factor. In using the JT 2147/DAK, test system builders will greatly simplify their wiring tasks and, at the same time, retain the excellent signal integrity assured by the QuadPod's active interface. The JT2147/DAK features four independent JTAG Test Access Ports (TAPs) along with 16 user assigned Digital I/O channels. Each TAP can be programmed to operate through a range of voltage levels to suit various logic families.

And for the acclaimed JTAGL Live Product Range - New AutoBuzz Tool

The makers of JTAG Live(TM) Buzz and Buzz-plus are proud to showcase first time in Europe AutoBuzz, the most exciting addition yet to their no-netlist-required range of JTAG/boundary-scan test and debug tools. AutoBuzz is an amazing tool that uses a unique 'seek and discover' feature to scan completely a compliant design and then perform comparative tests using JTAG/boundary-scan.

With only JTAG scan-chain information plus BSDL models of the JTAG/IEEE std 1149.1 compliant parts (available from manufacturers' web-sites), users of AutoBuzz will be able to connect to their designs via a number of compatible JTAG interface options. AutoBuzz can then be set to gather a complete 'connectivity map' of any board's boundary-scan to boundary-scan pin connections (where these can be direct or via 'transparent' devices such as series resistors). AutoBuzz supports just two simple operating modes: Learn and Compare. With AutoBuzz in Learn mode a 'known good' sample PCB is initially scanned to establish a reference connectivity map. Suspected faulty boards can then be scanned by AutoBuzz in Compare mode, and a comparison is automatically made of their connectivity maps. Differences between the two maps are highlighted to indicate possible faults such as interconnect short-circuits, open-circuits or 'stuck-at' faults.

A Symphony of Systems - Our comprehensive Test Strategy for most worldwide vendors

As board density and complexity have increased over the years, ICT and flying probe suffer from the need for physical contact with test points on the board, hence the emergence of boundary-scan as a superior test technology for today's systems.

However, portions of a system, such as the analog portion of a mixed-signal board, may be well-suited for ICT or flying probe.

In such cases, the test strategy may consist of one of our Symphony systems in which boundary-scan tests the digital portion of the target, and the ICT or flying probe system performs the analog testing.

The result is a comprehensive test strategy with high coverage for digital and analog in one platform.

We offer Symphony integrated within many of today's popular test systems such as : SPEA, Agilent, Digitaltest, Macpanel, Teradyne, Teradyne DI Series, Aeroflex.

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