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Ciklum Rated Best Larger IT Employer 2011 in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Community of Software Developers, DOU

Von Ciklum

For the second consecutive year Danish IT Outsourcing services provider, pioneer of the own development team model in Ukraine gets highest score for its working conditions and environment amongst software development companies operating in Ukraine.

KIEV, Ukraine ? November 15, 2011 ? Ciklum, a Danish IT outsourcing services provider that specializes in nearshore software development in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine and Belarus, rated Best larger IT Employer 2011 in Ukraine by the annual market study...

München, 15.11.2011 - KIEV, Ukraine ? November 15, 2011 ? Ciklum, a Danish IT outsourcing services provider that specializes in nearshore software development in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine and Belarus, rated Best larger IT Employer 2011 in Ukraine by the annual market study conducted by the Ukrainian Community of Software Developers, DOU.

'Ukrainian developers are not much different from their Western colleagues. They have the same needs and criteria to evaluate an employer: nice and comfortable office, welcoming work atmosphere, career and self-growth opportunities, good salaries, education, open communication with the client and the team, etc. These are just some of the factors that we continuously keep an eye on and try to improve in Ciklum. Having been rated highest for the second year in a row by DOU?s Best IT Employer in Ukraine study tells us that we are on the right track,? comments Torben Majgaard, Ciklum Founder and CEO.

Conducted for the second time, the annual study aims at identifying best software development companies to work for in Ukraine.

'We aim at helping IT companies to compete more effectively. We believe that our study will ultimately be very beneficial for programmers as employers are able to see which factors are important to their employees, how they are important, and how employers compare to others,? comments Max Ischenko, DOU?s initiator and coordinator of the study during the awards ceremony.

This year 32 leading IT companies from five major Ukrainian IT software development hubs (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, and Odessa) decided to test themselves against the market. The evaluation was based on various questions that focused around the five key areas: type of projects and teams, compensation, career opportunities, working environment, and management.

This year the online questionnaire received a 62% response rate from the 9,000 programmers study pool, which is more than double from the last year. For better representation and being fair to the participants companies had to provide evaluation feedback from all offices across the country and compete within own company size segment

Ciklum gets title of the Best IT Employer in Ukraine for the second consecutive year.

In Marina Vyshegorodskikh, Ciklum?s HR Director?s point of view, "Ciklum's key to success is building the company together with our employees. This involves being truly responsive to their ideas and needs, and creating supportive environment for realization of their initiatives. In a very flat and fast changing world such things as ability to change, adopt, integrate and build on employees strengths will have an increasing value.?

About Ciklum

Ciklum (www.ciklum.net) is a Danish IT outsourcing company specializing in nearshore software development by establishing and servicing clients? own development teams in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine and Belarus. The environment of services and knowledge sharing within the company helps clients to market quickly and with less risk and minimal investment. Established in 2002, Ciklum employs more than 1,500 IT specialists with more than 150 global clients? own software development teams. Ciklum has six development offices in Ukraine, one in Belarus, and two in Pakistan, as well as representative offices in Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Ciklum is a winner of Red Herring 100 Europe 2009, recognized as CeBIT 2010 Top 20 innovative company delivering services/products for small and medium sized companies, and named the 2010 and 2011 Top 100 global services provider. Ciklum is rated best Ukrainian IT Employer 2010 by DOU, the Ukrainian Community of Software Developers.

About Community of Software Developers, DOU

The Ukrainian Community of Software Developers, DOU (www.dou.ua, www.developers.org.ua) is the leading IT industry Internet portal for software developers in Ukraine. Launched in 2005, the aim of the community is to help IT companies and software developers to better understand each other.

Media contacts:


Ivan Pohrebniyak

Marketing Manager

E: poi@ciklum.net

T: +38 044 545 77 45 ext. 1164

Ukrainian Community of Software Developers, DOU

Max Ischenko

Founder & Chief Developer

E: max@developers.org.ua

M: +38 050 166 02 66

15. Nov 2011

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