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Software AG rapidly integrates Terracotta Inc. technology across product suite in just five months

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. - Successful integration offers new clustering technology for the webMethods product suite - Integrated technology delivers improved product performance for CentraSite® by up to 50 percent with enhanced caching - Terracotta integration lays the groundwork...

Darmstadt, 16.11.2011 - .

- Successful integration offers new clustering technology for the webMethods product suite

- Integrated technology delivers improved product performance for CentraSite® by up to 50 percent with enhanced caching

- Terracotta integration lays the groundwork for future product releases in Software AG's cloud readiness strategy

Software AG today announced the successful integration of Terracotta Inc. technology into its product stack in only five months. The integrated technology offers customers a new clustering solution - Terracotta Server Array - which enables webMethods to take full advantage of cloud-based deployment environments. In addition, Terracotta's Ehcache caching technology dramatically improves product performance for CentraSite® by up to 50 percent. This release is the first step in ensuring that customers can fully benefit from the convergence of cloud computing.

"We worked quickly to incorporate Terracotta's technology into our product suite so that our customers could take full advantage of cost savings and performance improvements from cloud and in-memory based solutions," said Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board, Software AG. "We want to deliver the tools that will help enterprises gain greater control over their business processes in the most scalable manner possible."

In just a short period of time, the value of Terracotta's technology is clear through both the webMethods product suite and CentraSite®. With this new clustering solution, webMethods products can now offer improved capacity and performance. And clustered webMethods solutions can run in the public cloud on Amazon EC2.

With the integration of Terracotta's Ehcache caching technology, CentraSite® is decoupled from heavy database dependent interactions. Caching is a key technique for enhancing performance by pre-loading frequently-used data in-memory. Caching enhancements in CentraSite® speed up data access and look-ups resulting in improved scalability and throughput for multi-user scenarios. Terracotta's Ehcache is the de facto caching standard for enterprise Java used by over 1 million developers worldwide and is at the heart of CentraSite®'s improved performance gains.

"The smooth and rapid integration of Terracotta's technology into the Software AG product suite is a win-win for users of all our solutions," said Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta, a Software AG subsidiary. "Ehcache's usage grows while customers enjoy massive scale and performance benefits. From here, we will continue on our mission to deliver high-performance solutions that grow with our customers' applications, all the way into the cloud."

Software AG acquired Terracotta for its leading edge in-memory technology. Terracotta's in-memory processing will provide the foundation for Software AG's cloud offerings. With in-memory data access up to 1,000 times faster than database access, Software AG can support existing and new customers with significantly larger business process excellence (BPE) projects.

As Software AG looks to the future, Terracotta will deliver the in-memory data management layer that powers the enterprise cloud. Future strategy for product development will include replacing all "clustering" in all products; improving throughput and reducing latency; and developing a suite-wide solution with support for elasticity. Such developments are key to transforming Software AG into a full Platform-as-a-Service provider.

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