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eZ Systems Unveils New Tools to Make Websites More Adaptable, Mobile-Ready and Easier to Search

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eZ Systems AS, the creator of the award winning Open Source Web Content Management Platform, eZ Publish, today announced the release of its newest update, version 4.6, titled Annapurna. Users can benefit from enhanced extensibility, simplified content...

Skien, Norway, 22.11.2011 - eZ Systems AS, the creator of the award winning Open Source Web Content Management Platform, eZ Publish, today announced the release of its newest update, version 4.6, titled Annapurna. Users can benefit from enhanced extensibility, simplified content access and App readiness.

'With our latest release of eZ Publish Enterprise, we?ve taken our product to new levels of adaptability, extensibility and accessibility,? says Gabriele Viebach, Group CEO of eZ Systems AS. "All of that means that our customers and partners now have the tools to monetize their content even more effectively and efficiently.?

App Readiness: Mobile Kit

With the rise of the new generation of smartphones and tablets, the access to content and the expectations toward accessibility has changed dramatically. While a few years ago, customers used to call a call center, write a letter or fill out a web form, today they expect to have dialogue across any and all channels. To stay competitive and deepen the customer relationship, organizations are forced to provide a compelling brand and content experience across all online and mobile channels. The new Mobile Kit provides the foundation to create a mobile experience across different platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, etc.)

Faster Search Results: Enhanced Enterprise Search

Corporate content continues to grow exponentially, and one of the biggest pain points is the inability to find the right information in the corporate environment. A reliable Enterprise Search across all information repositories is one of the leading drivers in content management.

With eZ Find 2.6, eZ adds support for Solr 3.X, the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Additionally, now with the unpatched Solr version, companies and their customers are able to leverage Solr for federated, cross-system search infrastructure with tunable relevancy ranking, sorting and keyword highlighting.

Increased Adaptability: New API Concept

With Annapurna, eZ invested in the architecture of eZ Publish Enterprise with the objective of making eZ Publish much more agile, raising the bar to industry leading security and making it easier to use. Agility, security and ease-of-use are key success factors to create a better Content Experience Management.

Capitalize on Content Experience: Recommendations & Analytics

While a few years ago a website was meant to give access to as much information as possible, today with the information overflow, website owners need to find smart ways to target visitors. The goal of providing the right information to the visitor within just 3-5 clicks is very challenging.

With the Annapurna release, eZ offers users two smart ways to better target content for your visitors and make the website visit a compelling experience. With eZ odoscope, the user is able to analyze and optimize the website and mobile offering according to visitor behavior. Additionally with the eZ Recommendation Service, a user can provide personalized, real-time recommendation to visitors. This allows the user to make e-commerce sites, websites, intranets and mobile offerings more effective and deliver a compelling web experience.

Enhanced Usability: Deployment Options & Image Handling

Running dozens of websites, in a multi stage environment, with complex content distribution across multiple channels is a tough job. The more administrators can automate the processes and increase the ease-of-use for non-technical stakeholders, the more efficient the operation of the content infrastructure will become and the faster the time-to-market of information will be. With the upcoming Annapurna release, users will get enhanced deployment options and benefit from easier staging, site multiplication and upgrade process.

Additionally, the release will provide users with enhanced image uploading and optimized in line editing. The enhanced deployment options, as well as the better image handling, together with other features in this release will help you empower your non-technical stakeholders to improve the time-to-market of complex content infrastructures.

eZ Services Network Enhancements

The eZ Services Network has also been enhanced with several new features, pairing best in class services with new functionality. Among several improved services, our customers especially benefit from the new 24 x 7 support line. Our partners and customers around the globe now have access to world-class Service Level Agreements that tier in accordance with their business goals. Another highlight of the enhancements is the usage of statistics and content organization support via a new established services interface. Analytics is also a part of the subscription fee.

Learn more about eZ Publish Enterprise 4.6

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