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New 250 and 800 AMP power supply via track for mission critical data centre environments

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Daxten launches a new Starline Track Busbar at Datacenter Dynamics London

With immediate effect Daxten, a leading supplier of solutions for cooling optimisation and power infrastructure, offers the new track-based 250 and 800 Amp UEC Starline power distribution systems for Data Centres, Server Rooms and R&D testing Labs. These...

London, 22.11.2011 - With immediate effect Daxten, a leading supplier of solutions for cooling optimisation and power infrastructure, offers the new track-based 250 and 800 Amp UEC Starline power distribution systems for Data Centres, Server Rooms and R&D testing Labs. These environments require a reliable power infrastructure with the ability to make quick reconfigurations to the power supply. Contrary to common power cable distribution methods the Starline Track Busbar solutions allow reconfiguration of power distribution in minutes by adding or removing power plug-ins along the track. This can all be done in a live, uninterrupted environment as the plug-ins can be fixed to the live track busway via a simple twist and lock 90 degree rotation. Power redundancy matters in mission-critical environments this can easily be achieved by simply adding a parallel track to the main one. Since data centre power densities continue to rise each year, the addition of the 250 and 800 amp rated bars to the Starline Track Busbar product line is in direct response to the growing power needs of the industry. Daxten will show the new Starline Track Busbar Systems at Datacentre Dynamics being held at ExCeL International Exhibition Centre, London on the 30th November and 1st December.

(Stand C73)

Currently in mission critical, R & D and testing environments any short interruption or malfunction of the power supply can have catastrophic effects on IT operations, company data and critical transactions. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure busbar systems are secure whilst offering the flexibility to make changes when needed. In addition space restrictions and rack density issues are becoming more and more important when planning for the future. R&D and testing environments as well as live Data Centres often need to be reconfigured frequently to replicate real world scenarios or to update hardware. Starline Track Busbar provides secure power delivery whilst offering more flexibility than traditional cable distribution methods.

Flexibility, expandability and individual configurations ? without downtime!

Starline Track Busway is different ? a continuous access track busway allows for power plug-ins to be placed where they are required, not at predefined locations as is the case with cable systems. Power plug-ins are configured to the customer?s requirements with 16A, 32A or 63A single and/or three phase connectors available for use with the existing 100, 225 or 400 and the new 250 and 800 Amp track. Further plug-in versions with up to 125A are available for the 250, 400 and 800 tracks, meaning that Starline can support any size of Data Centre. The connections between the track elements consist of a patent protected spring pressure connection, which is nut and bolt free, preventing loose connections or flaking. The same spring pressure connections are used to connect the power plug-ins to the busbar ensuring a secure and solid connection at all times. The entire busbar system is easy to assemble and dismantle, meaning that tracks can be inexpensively installed, moved, and expanded, regardless if it has been installed overhead or under the raised floor.

The number and type of connectors can be determined by the user. For example, a 16 Amp single phase connector can be situated next to a 32 Amp three phase connector on the same bar or even within the same plug-in. Even drop cords and hard-wire options are available. The plug-ins are designed in a way that one unit can supply power connections to multiple server racks. This is a huge advantage in highly dense testing or demo labs.

Optional power monitoring is available using the Critical Power Monitor (CPM), the first-ever touch screen wireless monitor for data centres at track and circuit level, completes the wide range of options available when using the Starline solutions.

Sustainability & cost-effectiveness

The flexible as well as modular and scalable design is one of the reasons, why mission critical data centres rely on the Starline Track Busway for power distribution. Of course economic aspects play a big role as to why companies are choosing the Starline solution. Because of the flexibility that Starline offers the TCO is much lower when compared to cable-based solutions. With a TCO saving ranging from 20 to 40 percent and with 30 to 50 percent less installation and maintenance costs (depending on the size and complexity of the installation) Starline is one of the most cost-effective power solutions in the market.

Contact Daxten today to arrange an individual demonstration to see the new 250 and 800 Starline Track Busway systems. Or visit Datacenter Dynamics in London, on the 30th November and 1st December at the Starline booth, stand 73.

The Starline Track Busway is available from Daxten. For further information please contact Daxten on +44 (0)20 8991 6200, or

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