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Transport seating – technological innovations and driver safety

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IQPC’s 7th International Conference Innovative Seating 2012, 6-9 February 2012 in Darmstadt

In automotive design, light-weight materials are an important factor in reducing CO2 emissions. The challenge across all industries is to minimize seat weight but at the same time optimize seat ergonomics. Additionally, materials should be environmentally friendly. Find out at IQPC’s 7th International Conference Innovative Seating 2012, 6-9 February 2012 in Darmstadt, how these complex challenges can be met: learn from the experience of no less than eight OEMs presenting their case studies.

The main topics of the conference include:

•Market trends and future mobility, concerning design and comfort of seats
•Weight reduction – innovative materials and composites
•Smart textiles, for example bionic seats
•Seats and driver safety – ECG, the seat that monitors heart activities
•Seating in aircraft and commercial vehicles

Get an extensive introduction on seat comfort on February 6 with Prof. Vink from the University of Delft. His training session will range from posture over design solutions to electric vehicles.
On February 9, participants can take part in all-day interactive workshops presented by experts in the field:

•“Seating comfort made visible“
•“Future demands on added value factors in automotive seating“
•“Objective measures of seating comfort”
•“Weight reduction through innovative layout and design”

Grasp the opportunity to discuss the challenge of minimizing the weight of seat structures and frames while taking care not to neglect safety standards with leading experts from the industry: among them are representatives from Peugeot, Car Men, BMW, Opel, Jaguar and Land Rover, Volkswagen and Fiat.

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