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5th International Conference Cool Chain


IQPC’s 5th International Conference Cool Chain

The transportation of drugs, especially their cooling, is an ongoing and one of the most sensitive and challenging topics within the pharmaceutical industry. IQPC’s 5th International Conference Cool Chain brings together internationally renowned experts from the industry and institutions to discuss recent challenges and developments. The conference takes place 29 - 31 August, 2012 in Berlin.
Thumb The pharmaceutical cool chain ensures transport and distribution of drugs under specific temperature conditions. One of the key challenges is to balance cost and quality, whilst adhering to specific regulations for cooling and monitoring drugs. Packaging has to be able to withstand great environmental fluctuations and in conjunction with cooling devices has to maintain the temperature of the drug product or biological product between predefined limits. This is an outstanding challenge in emerging economies, especially when talking about the “last mile” and monitoring ambient temperature. Key topics are: • Selection and validation of transportation partners • Identifying and managing risks along the cool chain • ‘Ambient temperature’ and its transportation problems • Implementing upcoming EU regulations and industry standards (GDP) • Temperature-controlled supply chain in emerging markets In addition to frequent networking breaks where participants can exchange experiences, they may also attend two interactive workshops on Friday, 31 August 2012; concerning the conversion of healthcare shipments from air freight to ocean cargo and mitigating supply chain risks. For more detailed information and relevant downloads, go to http://bit.ly/cool-chain
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