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Focus on strengths - Hansjörg Egger becomes new CEO of COMPAREX

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Leipzig/Vienna, 03.09.2012 ? Changes at the helm of COMPAREX: Hansjörg Egger takes over as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of COMPAREX AG with effect from 1. September 2012. He has been responsible for the operational business of the global IT services...

Leipzig, 03.09.2012 - Leipzig/Vienna, 03.09.2012 ? Changes at the helm of COMPAREX: Hansjörg Egger takes over as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of COMPAREX AG with effect from 1. September 2012. He has been responsible for the operational business of the global IT services company since 2009 as its COO (Chief Operating Officer). In his new role, Egger will pursue the goal of sustainable growth by focusing on the company?s core strengths. In doing so he will be building on the accomplishments of his predecessor, Dr. Klaus Elsbacher, who set the course for the positive business development of the Group by spearheading a successful reorganisation and expansion strategy and is now leaving the company following completion of that development phase.

In future, Hansjörg Egger will lead COMPAREX AG as its CEO, together with Dr. Thomas Reich as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Both have been members of the Management Board of COMPAREX since 2009. Hansjörg Egger brings more than 30 years of management and sales experience in the ICT field to his new role. Dr. Thomas Reich has been the company?s Chief Financial Officer since 2009 and also brings a wealth of knowledge to bear from various international roles in financial management in his past career. Both managers represent continuity for the Group and will maintain the current course with a firm focus on sustainable growth.

Dr. Klaus Elsbacher made a defining contribution to the development phase in his role as CEO. He was charged with driving the growth of COMPAREX, reorganising the company and positioning it within new markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The accomplishments of Dr. Elsbacher over this period include the merger of the two companies PC-WARE and (the former) COMPAREX, the successful rebranding of PC-WARE as COMPAREX, with the aim of a single-brand strategy, increasing Group sales of ?833 million in fiscal year 2009/10 to ?1,066 million in 2011/12, as well as adding new start-ups and overseeing acquisitions. Today the COMPAREX Group encompasses more than 75 entities in 28 different countries. Dr. Elsbacher has thus successfully completed the development phase of COMPAREX and leaves the Group as planned after a job well done. In the future, he will be maintaining a close connection with the company in an advisory capacity with a focus on the support of strategic customers.

Wilfried Pruschak, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of COMPAREX AG:

'With a view to ensuring continuity for our customers, employees and business partners, we are particularly proud to have been able to secure the services of Hansjörg Egger as the new CEO of COMPAREX AG. With him at the helm, the Group will be able to further extend its leading market position. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Klaus Elsbacher most sincerely for his personal commitment to developing the COMPAREX Group and his tremendous achievements over the past few years. He has set the course for a successful future. After breaking the one-billion-euro sales barrier in the last fiscal year, COMPAREX is well equipped to support its customers all over the world as a global player in this vital industry.?

Hansjörg Egger, new CEO of COMPAREX AG:

'I am looking forward to the new role, because I have the good fortune and the privilege to lead a company with highly qualified and motivated staff. I will do my utmost to ensure our employees are proud to impart their knowledge and enthusiasm to our customers. Together with my Management Board colleague Dr. Thomas Reich, we will be continuing the course already set for the company. COMPAREX is very well positioned with a strong customer base and invaluable support partners. We want to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers in the areas of Software, Consulting and Services. Software is the main pillar of our success as a company, underpinned by the relevant support services. It is our goal to be the best in the market by focusing on our core strengths.?

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Mit seiner 30-Jährigen Markterfahrung adressiert COMPAREX öffentliche Verwaltung und Mittelstand ebenso wie Industrieunternehmen und international agierende Konzerne. Das Angebotsportfolio umfasst Software-Lizenzen von mehr als 3.000 Herstellern sowie Beratungs- und Service-Leistungen. Ein besonderer Fokus von COMPAREX Deutschland liegt auf der Entwicklung innovativer und maßgeschneiderter Cloud Computing-Lösungen.


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