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International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating


International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating, 15 – 18 October 2012 in Hamburg

With rising fuel prices looming, airlines must find new methods to reduce costs by further minimizing the weight of their aircraft interior design. Learn about the major innovation drivers, less carbon consumption and a further range with increased passenger payload at our International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating, 15 – 18 October 2012 in Hamburg
Thumb The challenge is to minimize seat weight, but at the same time optimise seat ergonomics and still meet with legal restrictions. Following topics will be debated by high-ranking industry experts: • IFE integration solutions: FAA Advisory Circular AC-21-49; contactless seat power, new lightweight IFE solutions, wireless IFE • New Materials and Technologies: Lightweight vs. cost? Lightweight construction (Composites); Materials and designs to reduce aircraft seat weight, space costs and improve aircraft efficiency • Reliability & Maintainability: New trends and solutions in maintenance and carriers preferences • Maximise passenger comfort whilst working with space cond: Ergonomic/human factors; translation into aircraft seat design Don’t miss the opportunity to meet representatives of companies like Airbus, Lufthansa, Delta, Zodiac Seats, Seymour Powell and many more onsite in Hamburg. Additionally, conference attendants may participate in two different interactive workshops, “Seats and IFE Integration-Real World Simulation”, ” Lightweight versus cost” as well as a site visit of Airbus. http://bit.ly/aircraft-seating-2012
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