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Atheneum Partners’ Network Supports Leading Brazilian Investment Summit

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(Frankfurt, Germany, 30 October 2012) – Atheneum Partners, a global expert platform and advisory firm with more than 100,000 industry specialists, provided some of its financial experts to participate in an investment summit hosted by the Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (ABVCAP) and Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Atheneum Partners’ CEO additionally moderated a panel on the investment environment in Brazil from the limited partner perspective.

The PEVC in Brazil Forum gathered over 50 leading European and Brazilian investors and advisors with a focus on Brazil to network and share insight in the hope of fostering further incoming and outgoing transactions. Topics discussed included: the German and Brazilian investment environments, regulatory constraints, investment best practices and expert perspectives on future market growth in Latin America.

Brazil continues to be of high interest to General and Limited Partners worldwide, particularly attracting German investment in industrial production in Sao Paulo. However, concerns regarding strict regulation, high transport costs, inflation and a need for a tight knit local network to learn about untapped investment potential in Brazil, have kept many European investors apprehensive. The summit addressed these challenges, recognizing some and offering solutions while discrediting others.

In addition to leveraging its network of experts, Atheneum Partners’ CEO, Mathias Wengeler, moderated a panel on executing deals in Brazil, which included Federico Robalinho, CEO of Nova Investments; Luiz Abreu, CEO of NSG Capital; and Amaury Junior, CIO of Vision Brazil Investments.

The event provided an intimate forum for European and Brazilian professionals with an interest in learning more about each country’s potential for foreign investment to gather best practices, evaluate challenges and found a growing personal network that was frequently stressed during the panels as being so vital to Brazilian business.

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Atheneum Partners is a global expert platform which connects consulting firms, investment houses, corporations and organizations with more than 100,000 industry specialists worldwide in order to discuss projected market trends and strengthen business decision-making. Atheneum Partners offers custom-made solutions to market research initiatives worldwide, from conference calls to event speakers to commercial due diligence reports. The firm operates in more than 30 languages, represents over 30 nationalities and provides 24/7 service.

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