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Taros announces appointment of new Director of Medicinal Chemistry

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Dortmund, 06. 09. 2013 +++ Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG, “Taros” today announced the appointment of Mr. Fabrizio Giordanetto, Ph.D., as Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Fabrizio Giordanetto is an internationally renowned medicinal chemist with more than 10 years of successful track record in drug discovery gained in various scientific management positions with Pharmacia (Pfizer), Italy and AstraZeneca, Sweden.

Prior to joining Taros he led several drug discovery projects resulting in multiple clinical candidates spanning oncology and cardiovascular indications, more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and international patents. Fabrizio Giordanetto completed his Ph.D. in Computational Medicinal Chemistry in 2003 at the University of London, UK. He brings a wealth of experience in medicinal chemistry and in the development of drug candidates that will complement Taros’ longstanding efficiency in the synthetic chemistry business.

Fabrizio Giordanetto will lead the medchem team and expand our portfolio of services along the idea of combining extensive “big pharma know how” with SME efficiency and speed.

“I am thrilled to join Taros, leverage their synthetic chemistry excellence and further expand their medicinal chemistry and drug discovery capabilities. I am really looking forward to actively contributing to Taros’ and Dortmund’s booming scientific and business scene”, said Fabrizio Giordanetto.

Dimitrios Tzalis, Founder and CEO of Taros, said:” "We are very fortunate to have Fabrizio join Taros as he has an outstanding scientific record in drug development within the pharmaceutical industry. He does not only bring along an impressive scientific drug development record but also a dynamic personality that will fit very well into our team culture within Taros. I am really looking forward to working together with Fabrizio as he will participate in shaping the future of Taros and be a part of the innovative solutions Taros will provide the pharmaceutical drug development process”.

About Taros Chemicals

Taros, an independent and privately owned contract research company based in Dortmund, Germany, has been serving the needs of pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical and biotech companies since 1999. More than 6.000 synthesis, research and process chemistry projects have successfully been delivered to the ever growing global customer base. Taros operates state-of-the art lab facilities and employs a team of scientists (65% of whom hold post-graduate degrees in Chemistry) who are committed to supporting the diverse needs of its customers in efficient drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and classical synthetic chemistry. Taros’ scientists combine more than 140 years industrial organic chemistry experience and over 60 years of active drug discovery experience from big pharmas and biotechs. They have expertise across a broad range of therapeutic areas (oncology, respiratory, CNS, cardiovascular, inflammation, pain, metabolism and infectious) and in all small molecule target classes. Being committed to supporting our global customer base in efficient drug discovery, medicinal and synthetic chemistry initiatives, we have developed TarosGate®. TarosGate® is a unique software suite putting cost, time and chemistry information at a Project Leader’s finger tips - 24h/7 from anywhere in the world. TarosGate® software is a major cornerstone for the efficient chemistry process management of the European Lead Factory drug development platform.

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