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Yasam Sasmazer I solo exhibition I Metanoia I Istanbul

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Opening of Yasam Sasmazer's second solo exhibition, 'Metanoia", in Istanbul / Ausstellungeröffnung von Yasam Sasmazer's zweiter solo Ausstellung, 'Metanoia", in Istanbul.

Yasam Sasmazer's "METANOIA" is opening at the Tek Kubbe hall of MSGSU Tophane-I Amire Culture and Arts Center on January 11th, 2014 at 2pm. The exhibition which showcases sculptures that are brought to life by taking "some kind of journey that a person does into the dark areas of his/her own psyche" as a basis can be viewed between the 11th and 30th of January.

Yasam Sasmazers "Metanoia" eröffnet in der "Tek Kubbe hall of MSGSU Tophane-I Amire Culture and Arts Center" am 11. Januar 2014 um 14 Uhr. Die Ausstellung zeigt Skulpturen, welche zum Leben erweckt werden indem sie "eine Art Reise unternehmen welche eine Person in die dunkelsten Ecken ihrer Psyche begeht" als Basis. Sie kann besichtigt werden zwischen dem 11. und 30. Januar. "Metanoia" meinte eine spirituell drastische Transformation, eine Rekonstruktion und einen Heilungsprozess.

"Metanoia" means a spiritually drastic transformation, a recon­struction and healing. The journey that a person takes in order to change, his mind and his heart pointing in the direction of a spiritual awakening. The dark side of our ego, our shadow, is the animalistic and primitive side of our personality that we try to repress and hide. Carl Gustav Jung mentions that "The shadow is everything we are that we would not like to be." It is always destructive to be confronted with this dark side of ours but a person who has once seen his own shadow can never stay the same. He changes, transforms... For Yasam Sasmazer the effort of confronting the shadow and internalizing it through her sculptures expresses a kind of spiritual and mental transformation, "Metanoia".

Yasam Sasmazer, who is probing the dualities of human inner worlds and walking in the dark corridors of the human state, expresses the themes of `inner darkness´ and getting to know oneself through the notion of shadow and adult sculptures.

The shadows that were more fantasy, fictional compo­nents of Sasmazer´s previous works, become much more com­plicated as her figures become adults. In this series, where the shadows wrap around the figures, spread into space and extend into the third dimension, both the figures and their shadows are denser, darker and lacking in deliberation through the effect of being adults and growing up.METANOIA by Yasam Sasmazer Istanbul, Turkey

Sasmazer lives and works, both literally and symbolically, between Istanbul and Berlin, and her works are influenced by both cities with their divergent cultures and rhythms. She touches upon and sheds light on the role of women in both societies, as well as on the alleged innocence of children who, especially in the contemporary metropolis, are perhaps not as harmless as we sometimes pretend to like and think. No longer guiltless children, but also not disenchanted adults, Sasmazer`s figures are ambivalent and thus act as psychological objects of projection for our own self-perception.

Samazer lebt und arbeitet, im wörtlichen als auch symbolischen Sinne, zwischen Istanbul und Berlin. Ihre Arbeiten sind beeinflusst von beiden Städten mit ihrer divergierenden Kulturen und Rhythmen. Sie wirft Licht auf die Rolle von Frauen in beiden Gesellschaften sowie auf die behauptete Unschuld von Kindern, welche welche, insbesondere in den heutigen Metropolen, vielleicht nicht so harmlos sind wie angenommen. Nicht mehr unschuldige Kinder, aber auch noch keine desillusionierten Erwachsenen, sind Sasmazers Figuren ambivalent und dienen daher als psychologische Projektions-Objekte für unsere eigene Selbstwahrnehmung.

Für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist der Einsteller, Herr Tarik Ersin Yoleri (Tel.: +90 (0) 212 243 8578), verantwortlich.

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