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EasyVista stellt ServiceApps-Plattform zur Erweiterung des SaaS-Angebots für IT Service und Asset Management vor

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Easy Vista, Inc. ( www.easyvista.com ), a leading provider of IT service management and asset management solutions, Easy Vista Service Apps (ev | Service Apps) before, a platform, the design and the creation of entirely new end-user services for the IT but for all, for departments outside of IT enables and is redefining the position of IT departments within the company.

Easy Vista Service Apps allows IT departments to create new intuitive end-user services


Munich, November 4, 2014  - Easy Vista, Inc. ( www.easyvista.com ), a leading provider of IT service management and asset management solutions, Easy Vista Service Apps (ev | Service Apps) before, a platform, the design and creation completely new end-user services for IT, but for all, for departments outside of IT, and so allows the position of IT departments within the company will redefine.

Easy Vista is aware that IT departments now have two different customer groups: on the one hand, customers who use their IT services directly, and on the other hand, those customers from other business areas such as sales, marketing and HR, the search paths, their areas better "digitize" or make it more transparent and thus achieve better business results. A criterion that although both groups of customers require today is to use a single interface to receive status updates, to register with services, to make requests to access location services at any time and to manage assets and equipment. A surface can be combined with data on the services and - this is especially important - consolidated data and services from many different sources such as ERP, SFA, Web Services, ITSM and many more and can be coordinated.

Currently, IT professionals have when trying to provide their customers with the information and services, to deal with complex system integrations and encodings. The present systems are not designed for this purpose and the introduction of new services is often costly and not flexible enough.

ev | Service SaaS apps extends the capabilities of Easy Vista Manager Service (ev | Service Manager), a leading Cloud ITSM solutions, and offers a design environment in which new business services can be provided as apps without programming.

The IT department as "Broker of Services"
IT departments need to adapt their marketing and communication methods to increasing business demands in the company. For this they will ev | Service Apps, a set of design templates are available, which can be implemented on a modern and mobile surface-responsive services for employees and customers quickly. The possibility of creation of services on dynamic surfaces, the acceptance of self-service and the efficiency can be significantly increased.

"According to the analysts of" 451 Research "provide the design possibilities of Easy Vista a key competitive advantage. Our IT customers, whether in the IT field or not, see how easy it is to create comprehensive services or information for their customers and use, "says Thomas Vianden, Country Manager at Easy Vista for the DACH region. "| Service Apps also convincing our cloud-ability Through the successful combination of content management and workflow and service management ev demonstrated."

With Easy Vista Service Apps IT developers can drag components using drag-and-drop from a menu and create so impressive services such as dashboards and Service Stores. The development of new services involves three simple steps:

·          Design the web page structure by dragging and dropping "layout-fields" in ev | Builder Service Apps

·          selection of items to display in each field services (pie charts, figures, maps, social media feeds, Services, HTML format, navigation tools, video feeds, etc.) of preconfigured "Widgets"

·          linking individual fields with one or more data sources, such. as ITSM, ITAM, ERP, Exchange, Twitter, Salesforce.com, Oracle, SQL, mySQL, CSV, Web Services and other

The possibilities offered by Easy Vista benefits of development without programming effort are ev | reinforced Service Apps. So the development of app stores will be possible in the future, based on the services and applications developed by the Vista Easy-user community.

The latest version of the SaaS version of ev | Service Manager with ev | equipped service Apps. With this version of Easy Vista customers are able even to be innovative:

·          When designing interactive, intuitive user interfaces for all environments - ev | Service Apps can be linked 5-compatible devices with SharePoint, the Internet or Intranet, and any HTML.

·          By reducing the costs incurred by developers or professional services that were previously required for the integration of different solutions.


·          By increasing the customer satisfaction thanks to the provision of accessible anytime on-demand services.

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