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Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin 2015: The winners of the third Intra.NET Award are KPN, Allianz Turkey & Roche.


The Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin 2015 came back for the 4th time on April 27-28 and connected over 200 business, communication, knowledge, human resource and technology managers from international industries to bridge any existing gaps between all the parties involved in intranet, collaboration or knowledge management platform projects. The event was designed to help business, communications, human resource, knowledge and IT managers connect and share to increase work efficiency and effectiveness in order to shape the future connected enterprise.

On the evening of day 1, more than 200 international intranet experts took part in the third Intra.NET Award ceremony and networking dinner. During the award ceremony, these influencers were asked to vote for the leading and state-of-the-art intranet platforms projects in the industry. 


The Intra.NET Award 2015 recognized and honored outstanding projects in the following categories:

-Intranet Integration Strategy & Digital Workplace Management

- User Experience Design & Content Management

- Innovative Technology Integration


Each year, we.CONECT Global Leaders asks an independent expert jury to nominate the top three projects in each category based on their experience, knowledge and expertise in the digital workplace field. In 2015, Henrik Løvgret - Head of Digital Workplace at Maersk Group, David Schwarzelmüller - Specialist Corporate Media at HELLA Corporate Center and Philipp Rosenthal - Principal at Infocentric reviewed all applications and nominated the three leading intranet projects in each of the three categories. One week before the Intra.NET Award 2015, the nominees were officially announced and asked to review the two minute video to be displayed as a presentation of their project prior to the live voting during the award ceremony.


Winners of the ‘Intranet Integration Strategy & Digital Workplace Management’ Award Category

The winner of the Intra.NET Award 2015 in the category ‘Intranet Integration Strategy & Digital Workplace Management’ is KPN for their TeamKPN project. “Project TEAMKPN 2.0 was a logical next step, after the introduction of TeamKPN in 2012. The project focused on increasing the impact of the platform, positioning it as THE platform for employee engagement and strategic alignment; as central platform in the integrated internal communication for all employees” said Hans Koeleman, Director


Corporate Communications and Teun Verheij , Online Media Manager Corporate Communications. The TeamKPN 2.0 project achieved these goals by increasing user experience, managing user generated content and coaching senior leaders in use of platform. The second place was awarded to Roche for their RocheNet project which delivers targeted content and follows a task-oriented information architecture, where all migrated content is cleaned up (60% deletion) and is kept up to date thanks to a content lifecycle mechanism. The third place went to Umdasch Group and their 2gether intranet project that pools knowledge, provides a targeted offer of functions, improves communication, simplifies workflows and strengthens collaboration across the company.


Winners of the ‘User Experience Design & Content Management’ Award Category

The winner of the Intra.NET Award 2015 in the category ‘User Experience Design & Content Management’ is Allianz Turkey with their intranet project social@allianz. According to Fatmanur Erdoğan, Head of Corporate Communications at Allianz Turkey: “social@allianz is not a typical intranet that employees create all content by themselves. We have created a culture change that has affected the consumer behaviour accordingly. There is no moderation within the portal.” The intranet platform aims at providing interaction, co-creation, collaboration and engagement concepts to answer the technological developments and expectations of the Generation Y. The second place went to Siemens One Siemens Intranet Entry Page aiming at aligning about 200 intranet entry pages, improving efficiency in the internal communication work throughout the Siemens organization, reducing complexity by bundling personalized messages, internal social media, individually adaptable links and tools on a single page – and coming up with significant cost savings. The third place was awarded to Salini Impregilo @work intranet project which merged 2 companies, Salini and Impregilo, previous intranets and gave an important message of integration in terms of unique communication and working tools. The new tool is a clear and useful platform, with corporate communication areas, information areas, working areas, interaction areas (professional communities, forum, wiki, competitions, etc.), and HR areas.



The winner of the Intra.NET Award 2015 in the category ‘Innovative Technology Integration’ is Roche with the RocheNet project. According to Roche Head of Corporate Communications Stephan Feldhaus’ vision: “Every day RocheNet gives each employee world-wide a single point of access to the information, applications and expertise they need in order to make decisions that will support the achievement of business objectives, maintain the core values of the company and enable them to develop their careers at Roche.” The Roche intranet team therefore thrived to align their strategy to the company goals: by 2025 digital natives will make up 50% of their workforce. The team took the time to listen to then, delivered one thing after the other and showed their constant progress by defining clear success metrics and reasonable targets. The second place was awarded to Landis+Gyr and their Landis+Gyr Global Intranet Relaunch, moving from an open source based platform, Website Baker to a modern user friendly and feature rich SharePoint Intranet. The pinnacle for the Landis+Gyr Intranet saw the company publishing news and other global digital media in a central place with the ability to replicate globally. The third place went to BNP Paribas JUMP project: before JUMP, no collaborative innovation platform had dared to adopt anonymity as its fundamental principle. JUMP is an internal development which allows matching users’ expectations, and then avoiding any disinterest.

By winning the Intra.NET Awards 2015, the winning projects not only received a trophy and certificate proving their excellence, but also donated 2,000 € on behalf of we.CONECT to support a charity project. This year, the Intra.NET Awards supported Reporter Without Borders, an international organization that documents and publicizes violations of media freedom worldwide, lobbies for better protection of journalists and against repressive laws. Its primary target audience being the German public. Reporter Without Borders Germany runs its own emergency assistance desk as well as a department for freedom of information on the internet.



On the road to 2016

The Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin team is already preparing for our 2016 event edition, which will return to Berlin on April 28-29. Be sure to stay up-to-date with our latest news, as the Intra.NET Awards 2016 will return to announce the top intranet and digital workplace projects.

For more information about the Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin 2016 delegate or speaker registration, as well as the application procedure for the Intra.NET Awards 2016, please contact us directly via email or phone at: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 55.


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