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Shape saves the world

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Smart design instead of pointless waste production

Berlin, May 20, 2015. In his recently composed article “Die Form rettet die Welt” [“Shape saves the world”], the Berlin product designer and inventor Arman Emami refers to a familiar mathematical principle that benefits both the environment and manufacturing companies.

Despite the fact that enormous quantities of resources could be saved when applying the principle during production, it is starkly ignored. The tin can example, taking into account the straightforward mathematics, is used to show how easy it would be to reduce the industry’s material consumption by 20 per cent using intelligent shapes. Despite the knowledge of this straightforward principle, it has received hardly any attention to date; here, particularly in current times, the protection of our environment should encourage everyone to rethink.

In this article, Emami vividly calculates how very small quantities of material in large series production result in massive material loss and wasteful production of waste. He writes that the serial production of 1 million tin cans creates a loss of 10 tonnes of material.

“Sustainable action and handling this world’s resources responsibly must always be every company’s goal - TIME TO RETHINK!” says Emami.

Benefits of intelligent shapes:

-       Resource-efficient

-       Eco-friendly

-       Energy conservation

-       Cost-saving

EMAMIDESIGN has been internationally awarded 69 times for its product concepts and innovations. Industrial design is becoming ever more important in people’s purchasing decisions. A brand can only be successful once it has achieved the right blend of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.




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