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TXT Summit 2001, sponsored and organised as every year by TXT e-solutions, will be held once again in Venice in the renewed frame of Ca’ Vendramin Calergi on the Grand Canal and will be about: “e-business strategies after the storm: a report from Noah’s ark” TXT Summit is an opportunity for reflection and debate, offered by entrepreneurs, managers and investors of industrial, service and media companies, on the panorama of high tech and its applications.

TXT Summit is an opportunity for reflection and debate, offered by entrepreneurs, managers and investors of industrial, service and media companies, on the panorama of high tech and its applications.
TXT Summit, which in this editing will become even more European, stands out from common conferences, because it is mainly based on the testimonies of operators from several business sectors, who tell their own stories and describe how each of them is facing today’s
challenges. As a custom, the event is offered by TXT, with the aim of representing a moment of confrontation an discussion on innovation and on the competitive advantages which can be obtained, especially in these time of violent economic, geopolitical and technological changes.

Enrico Carelli, vice-director of TG5, will coordinate about thirty short reports (at a very rapid rate … just like in an old jazz “jam session”…) on the current economic situation, “new” and
“old”, observed from various points of view: companies which are changing, companies which are investing, institutions and financial traders. These stories will be grouped in: financial and macroeconomic vision, consolidated companies which are changing, “next economy” (…the new economy perhaps does not exist any
longer…), with special sessions dedicated to fashion and media companies.

Also this year, the conclusive report will be held by Gianfilippo Cuneo. According to Alvise Braga Illa, TXT’s Chairman, productivity and cost reduction are again key factors within such a difficult business context as the present one. “I believe that the Internet
revolution has not come to an end, but it has become a silent revolution, after being a bubble-revolution and a shouted revolution…
By this time, leading companies are turning the e-business into a competitive advantage and are doing that with an increasing attention to the costs and the concreteness of results”.

The people present at the Summit will have the chance to see the latest Polymedia applications and the most modern e Supply Chain & Customer Management solutions implemented by the main companies in several industrial sectors. The Summit will be preceded by a dinner at the Pisani Moretta Palace on the Thursday evening 25th.

TXT e-solutions, European leading company in B2B software for industrial, service and media enterprises, is developing
internationally. TXT is specialised in modular and standard software for the Supply Chain and for the Customer Management (TXT SC&CM-Supply Chain&Customer Management) as well as of on-line content (TXT Polymedia) of its international customers.

TXT, employing more than 350 professionals, has its headquarters in Milan as well as offices in Genoa, Turin, Bari, Cambridge (Mass.), Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt and London. TXT closed the first semester 2001 with a 78% year-to-year growth and positive EBITDA.

Für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist der Einsteller, Joachim Gebhardt, verantwortlich.

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