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CAS Server and CAS Guard Appliance now Available Worldwide

Woburn, MA and Zaventem, Belgium — October 4, 2001—Keyware (NASDAQ Europe: KEYW), one of the world’s leading providers of biometric and centralized authentication solutions, today announced the official worldwide launch of its centralized authentication software. This software is now available in a server/software form, CAS Server, or integrated in a software/hardware appliance, CAS Guard. The CAS software gives organizations the ability to centrally manage and administer all their biometric and non-biometric authentication methods and provides intelligent layering of these techniques in a scalable, interoperable and flexible platform. The CAS Guard appliance is a full security platform, which integrates biometric authentication and other solutions targeted at companies securing their Internet connection. Both products are now available worldwide.

Centralized Authentication Server (CAS Server)
The CAS Server, which was available in Europe for Windows NT networks, has now been upgraded to support both NT and UNIX networks with an enhanced performance and ability to scale. CAS is a software solution that allows security administrators to deliver the highest level of authentication for their unique enterprise needs. By providing strong authentication using biometric techniques, CAS addresses many issues of an organization security infrastructure; both biometric and non-biometric authentication methods can be combined to manage access to network applications as well as user access to buildings, offices, etc.

Key features of the CAS Server include central administration, layered verification and dynamic policy selection.

Central administration --- authorized administrators can modify and update user information and policy information on the fly. Changes made to policies are instantly applied allowing organizations to immediately make authorized files available to new employees, block former employees, deny access to certain departments or allow executive access to privileged information. This provides maximum security for administrators managing user access to resources.

Layered Verification --- Layering different biometric technologies (voice, face, fingerprint, etc verification) with traditional authentication tools such as PINs, passwords, token, smart cards or PKI, enables you to achieve the ideal balance between convenience and security.

Dynamic Policy Selection --- Administrators can preset confidence levels for all their protected applications throughout the network and when a user attempts to gain access, the server’s “Dynamic Policy Selection” will choose the most appropriate authentication policy based on the confidence level assigned to that user and/or application AND the availability of hardware at the users’ desktop.

CAS Guard
CAS Guard is a biometric security appliance geared toward enterprises. CAS Guard is an easy to install security platform that empowers IT managers and system administrators with the tools to centrally manage strong biometric authentication to their network, applications and Internet resources. CAS Guard also incorporates other solutions targeted at companies securing their Internet connection (router, firewall, VPN, proxy, etc).

Significant features of CAS Guard include the Bio Admin Logon, the Bio Web Access and CAS SignOn.

CAS SignOn --- Protecting your network from unauthorized access is now easier and a lot more secure. CAS SignOn replaces or enhances your current network logon with a strong biometric authentication prompt. Any combination of user names, fingerprint, face print and voice print can now be required to access the network. No more shared password violations when accessing your network.

Bio Web Access --- Since all CAS Guard web access is handled by the policies of the CAS Guard proxy server, CAS Guard Bio Web Access provides biometric authentication to all CAS Guard outbound web-based services. Before a user can access outbound administrator-defined web services, they must first biometrically authenticate based on the biometric policy defined by the system administrator, for instance by voice, face or fingerprint verification.

Bio Admin Logon --- CAS Guard enables varying levels of biometric authentication for CAS Guard administration. It can combine basic user name and password with much stronger biometric authentication. Before administrators can access the CAS Guard administration panel, they will be prompted for their user names. Depending on their user name, different administration levels can be defined and different authentication policies applied, including biometrics. Each administrator for instance would need to deliver a fingerprint in order to verify his identity before gaining access to his panel.

About Keyware
Keyware (NASDAQ Europe: KEYW) is one of the world’s leading providers of a broad range of authentication solutions for real-world business applications, and a pioneer in the field of biometrics, the technology of verifying an individual by means of personal characteristics such as voice, face and fingerprints. Keyware’s centralized authentication server (CAS) with LBV-technology allows companies to manage multiple authentication techniques, including biometrics, from one central server. CAS optimizes security and convenience for physical locations, e-commerce, network, smart cards and telecommunications applications. Keyware’s award-winning technology is sold globally through an extended network of OEMs, system integrators and VARs. Co-headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) and Woburn (Mass., USA), you can find more information about Keyware at

Keyware plus the Keyware logo and LBV – Layered Biometric Verification are registered trademarks of Keyware. CAS, CAS Guard and aXs Guard are all trademarks of Keyware. All other company, brand or product names contained in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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