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Technical model of water in oil emulsion in power plant

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In cooperation between «Ministry of Energy and Water Kuwait» and «Gulf Group», Pentol built a technical model to show what power plant optimization can do for our environment

120,000 tons of heavy fuel oil is saved per year as like 584,000 tons of CO2 is reduced by using Pentol’s water-in-oil emulsion technology in Kuwait. In it's quest to reduce Emission from heavy fuel oil fired boilers, MEW decided to apply Pentol’s PentoMag® and PentoMuls® technology gradually on it’s boilers, as the emission reduction is achieved by optimizing the efficiency of the boilers.

Looking back on a history of 40 years, Pentol’s technology is on a peak of economical development now.

The model exhibited in the Kuwait Pavilion during the World Expo Milan 2015 consists of an emulsification plant and a model power station.

Emulsification of heavy fuel oil can be simulated with one touch on the screen near the dosing equipment.

On the screens in the power plant, the effects of water-in-oil emulsion combustion are displayed. Atomisation improvement, Reduction of CO2, NOx, SOx and unburned carbon are displayed in a simplified way to attract visitors and sensitize them about the need to reduce emission, fight global warming and in the same time provide a nation a reliable and safe supply of electricity.

If you like to know more about CO2 reduction, complete carbon burnout with water in oil emulsion and efficiency optimization in power stations, please take a look at the links on Pentol´s blog page.

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