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Wireless Power Charging on the move

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There is a clear trend within the automotive market towards integrating wireless power charging trays into car consoles, armrests etc. This is a promising development that will reduce the hassle of fiddling with cables and a variety of plugs in order to charge mobile devices on the go.

CE4A uses the Qi wireless power charging technology

For this initiative, the German auto consortium CE4A has chosen the Qi technology as one of the preferred wireless charging standards. Qi technology is being developed and maintained by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). There is already a large variety of mobile-device models on the market that support the Qi technology standard. With the automotive industry’s support, this trend will make interoperability issues a thing of the past and turn “wireless power charging on the move” into something we will take for granted in the not too distant future. http://www.makezens.com/blog/automotive-industry-embraced-wireless-charging/

However, both wireless power transmitters and receivers have to be tested in accordance with regulatory and industry interest groups requirements.

7layers has been involved in testing wireless charging devices for several years, especially for the mobile phone and Smartphone industry. As a test & certification services provider for leading automotive industry suppliers, 7layers has gained an outstanding level of experience in this sector. Pooling these experiences enables us to offer extremely effective support to the automotive industry for the integration of wireless power charging into their new models.

Benefit from 7layers services when developing wireless power charging transmitters and receivers

In addition to this, the automotive industry is also working on an even more spectacular promise!

The industry is already working on electric and hybrid cars that will be charged via wireless power – in special parking areas or even AS THEY DRIVE on specially equipped roads. You can read more about this at:  http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/18/technology/uk-electric-cars-roads/
Even if it takes a while until we can drive along the motorway almost like a perpetuum mobile – 7layers is keeping an eye on this trend and could support the industry when it comes to developing the necessary test set-ups, specifications and test services.

Contact: Info@ 7layers.com


About 7layers: 7layers is an international group of engineering & test centers and a specialist in wireless technologies, offering services and products that support the set-up and maintenance of Smart Services, which play an important role in the Internet of Things. 7layers supports stakeholders in Smart Services processes, such as manufacturers and suppliers of connected devices, wireless component manufacturers, network operators, Smart Services service providers, data platform providers and the service delivery actions. To describe the set-up and continuous monitoring tasks necessary to maintain Smart Services processes, 7layers uses its SODA model which depicts smart services in terms of a dynamic “circular” process.

7layers runs accredited Test Houses in the USA, Germany, Korea, Japan and China, offering conformance and interoperability testing, certification and global type approval. We offer test services in two Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) while the experienced 7layers  Bluetooth Qualification Experts (BQEs) are at your disposal for Bluetooth Qualification.

The 7layers Systems House offers product and Smart Services development and integration support, development of test specifications and test cases, as well as InterLab test solutions and test management systems. The 7layers Software House provides the InterLab Software System for the systematic verification & validation of complex high-tech products.

7layers belongs to the Bureau Veritas Group, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, serving a large variety of industries.

More information at: www.7layers.com and www.bureauveritas.com/cps Contact: Brigitte.Lewis@7layers.com

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New EMC lab opened in Beijing by 7layers

Beijing, 16 September 2015: 7layers, an international group of engineering and test centres for the smart world environment, has opened a further, extensive EMC laboratory in Beijing, which has already been accredited by the end of August.
“The amount of wireless connected devices produced in China, that are to enter the global market, increases continuously. This does not only encompass mobile phones but also the large number of M2M devices, wearables, automotive infotainment products, m-health devices and many more”, explains Yi Liang, 7layers Business Development Manager in Beijing. “We have years of experience in supporting Chinese manufacturers of mobile phones, Smartphones and other connected devices entering international markets by testing according to the standards of industry interest groups such as PTCRB, GCF etc. By extending our services with state-of-the-art EMC capabilities, we can now also offer testing according to standards of regulatory bodies all over the world. This way we are bringing the global market into easy reach of our Chinese customers, especially if we combine our capabilities with the type approval and engineering services of other 7layers locations.”

7layers new EMC laboratory is in easy reach from Beijing International airport and Beijing City Centre. The large, modern building features a 10 meter semi-anechoic chamber and a 3m fully anechoic chamber from TDK plus further shielded rooms and control rooms. The accredited laboratory is fitted out with EMI, EMS, RSE, ESD and SAR test systems, offering full coverage of GERAN, UTRAN and LTE carrier bands plus Bluetooth, WLAN and other short range technologies. The laboratory offers test services in the frequency range between 30 MHz to 40 GHz and is in accordance with the latest international, EU and US standards for EMC testing and validation. The 2,4 GHz frequency band is used by many WLAN, ZigBee and Bluetooth® devices, and the 5 GHz frequency band is increasingly popular for devices with integrated WLAN technology since it allows significant higher data rates. SAR testing is required by many regulatory bodies worldwide and evaluates the relative safety of low‐power transmitters that are used within close proximity to the human body.
The new laboratory is a valuable extension of the 7layers services worldwide and especially for our customers in China. The trend to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing number of smart services we already see in areas such as the connected car, smart cities, industry automation etc. can only turn into a success for societies, if the increasing number of essential requirements is carefully controlled. 7layers laboratories, managed with the InterLab® software system, and enhanced with our engineering capabilities are set to support manufactures of smart devices and other stakeholders of smart services processes to succeed in this challenging and exiting market environment.


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