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CTC advanced GmbH Decides for COMPRION EMVCo PCD Analog Test Solution

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Today, COMPRION has announced that CTC advanced GmbH, a test laboratory of the RWTÜV group, located in Saarbruecken (Germany), have bought the EMVCO PCD Analog Test Solution by COMPRION. They will use the system for type approval of point-of-sale (POS) terminals according to EMVCo version 2.6 which becomes mandatory on January 1st, 2017. The new version requires a high degree of automation including accurate positioning by help of a robot.

The decision to offer PCD type approval services using the COMPRION system had several reasons according to Andreas Ehre, Director Company Management at CTC advanced: “Firstly, this solution sticks out as it comes with an already integrated – fully qualified – high-quality robot positioning system. Secondly, we have already made very good experiences with the use of the COMPRION solution for EMVCo electrical level 1 testing in terms of service, support, and reliability. And thirdly, we strive to offer our testing services using test tools from the maximum number of tool vendors, completed with test solutions developed by CTC advanced.”

Swantje Missfeldt, COMPRION Product Manager for the EMVCo solution is pleased about the lab’s decision: “COMPRION enables laboratories to offer PCD testing services quickly. The test lab is not forced – as with other test tools – to additionally qualify the robot system and prove its accuracy at their own expense. As in the past, we continue to work closely together to grant our customers optimal use of our solution.”

For more than ten years, CTC advanced GmbH (formerly CETECOM ICT Services GmbH), and COMPRION have not only been customer and supplier. “We see each other as partners. We have always cooperated closely when it comes to topics such as tool validation, electromagnetic compatibility, or accredited measurements. We have similar customers with a demand for high quality. It’s our mutual interest to serve them as reliably as we can”, says Michael Wehmeier, Managing Director at COMPRION.


The COMPRION solution consists of the conformance system UT³ Platform, a Kawasaki robot, and a variety of antennas – all integrated into a safety cell.

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