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A giant step for Pharmalogistics

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Fraport Ground Services receives the IATA-certification of the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma). For Frankfurt’s Air Cargo Community (ACCF), this means another milestone for the handling of pharmaceutical cargo at Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt am Main, 7th May 2018 --- Transparency and effective processes are the current challenges for pharma-logistics and require a comprehensive, independently certified quality management system. Being the biggest ramp handling company at Frankfurt Airport, Fraport Ground Services made a giant step by receiving the international CEIV-certificate. Martin Bien, Head of Ground Services at Fraport, received the prestigious certification at the IATA Ground Handling Conference in Doha, Qatar. Joachim von Winning, Executive Director of the ACCF says: “We are very proud and congratulate our community-member to this achievement.” Frankfurt Airport is Europe’s biggest cargo hub, handling over 100.000 tons of medicinal products, vaccines and other pharmaceutical products annually.

More than fifty stakeholders of the cargo supply chain are organized in the ACCF. As one of five competence teams, pharma set its focus on the integrity of pharma products during transport. The implementation of a quality management system, as required by IATA CEIV, is an important step for further developing the position of Frankfurt Airport as Europe’s No. 1 in the air freight business.


Ensured quality for the customers

With the CEIV certification, Fraport Ground Services can guarantee a consistent and independently qualified cargo supply chain for producers of pharmaceuticals. This includes the transport through a certified forwarder, the turnaround of goods by a certified cargo handler and the transport by an airline, including the complete temperature controlled apron area transport. Frankfurt is the first airport worldwide, which meets those requirements.

“We look back on more than twenty years of experience in pharma logistics. Starting in 1996 with the first pharma-dolly for temperature controlled transports”, Joachim von Winning explains. The idea of a consistent supply chain in Frankfurt was born in the ACCF. “We will continue to work on optimized processes for our customers in the future”, Joachim von Winning adds. For this, the community will keep working closely with IATA.

The air cargo professionals hope that an increasing number of international IATA certifications will lead to a more qualified international network. That should make special cargo lanes possible, which can help to make pharma logistics worldwide faster and easier.

For more information please visit: www.fra-fr8.com



Mainblick – Agentur für Strategie und Kommunikation GmbH
David Heisig
Roßdorfer Str. 19a
60385 Frankfurt
Tel.: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90
E-Mail: david.heisig@mainblick.com


About Air Cargo Community Frankfurt e.V.

The Air Cargo Community Frankfurt e.V. is an association of companies, institutions and organizations with the clear objective of promoting the airfreight location of Frankfurt. Its total of around 55 members includes representatives of all areas of the air cargo supply chain. The association has five competence groups “Temperature-controlled Transport”, “Processes & Infrastructure" and "Location Marketing & Community Building", as well as various specialist groups which represent the entire range of services offered at the airfreight location of Frankfurt. The prime objective is that Frankfurt Airport will, also in future, continue to clearly be Europe’s No. 1 in the air freight business and, as the leading cargo hub, significantly enhance its competitiveness compared with other airports in neighbouring countries. The location of Frankfurt, today with nearly 2.2 million tons of air cargo (freight and mail, 2017) and 14,000 employees in the cargo area, should also continue to grow significantly in the coming years and, in doing so, capture an even larger share of global freight volumes for itself.


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