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TexFer: Free Text Transfer Between Mobile Desktop

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Quickly Transfer Important Texts/ Long URLs between Mobile Phone and Desktop


SURAT, INDIA - September 18, 2018: Greencom Ebizz Infotech a leading IT company today launched a new application named TexFer: Free Text Transfer Between Mobile Desktop into their newly launched portfolio called EbizzApps.

TexFer is based on a fresh and highly anticipated concept that allow users to Transfer text message from computer to mobile phone or mobile phone to pc within fraction of seconds!


Some Highlighting Features of this App:


➺ Simple to Use App

➺ Rich User Interface

➺ Immediate Text Transfer Mobile and Desktop Application

➺ Multi-Platform Support

➺ Pin your Preferred Text to Favorites Tab

➺ Option to Edit & Share Text Free

➺ Unlimited Text Transfer


All this features makes TexFer a perfect companion to copy important text or links from pc to phone or vice versa.


You can even add your selected text to favorites tab in order to effortlessly find your preferred important information later from the bunch.


“After having a strong grip in photography apps we wanted to create something new. That idea lead us to TexFer” - Said Suresh Kalathiya, CEO Ebizz Infotech.


“TexFer is the first app from our EbizzApps portfolio and we’ll continue developing more amazing apps for our valuable customers” - He Added.

Für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist der Einsteller, Chirag Patel (Tel.: 8758955189), verantwortlich.

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