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Keep Record of Your Things using ‘My Stuff Organizer App’!

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Surat, India: Ebizz Infotech has recently published an application “My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management”.


By using this application, anyone can store details of any stuff, i.e., individuals can screen each thing that they have bought. They can incorporate subtle details of anything like beauty care products, basic supplies, garments, and so on. So that, individuals can screen personal, professional, study materials or some different things.


Some essential highlights are recorded underneath:


✍ Capture a photo of the stuff, so it effortlessly distinguished

✍ Purchase Price can be incorporated to check a cost

✍ Add buying date, so the stuff's age can be decided

✍ Warranty details can be added to let the users know about warranty expiration

✍ Additional focuses can be incorporated like, a name of the shop, rebate rate, etc.


If anyone has purchased anything and he/she has entered everything about it like, cost, buy date, shop name, etc in this application, then next time at whatever point he/she needs to purchase the related thing again, user can get everything about that thing by using this application wherever and at whatever point!


Individuals can also add warranty details of a product. So if they want to check due date, they can check it easily and get the thing balanced before that.


This application can be used all around by everyone, be it students, housewives, businessmen, etc. An individual can stop duplication of bringing extra things by using 'My Stuff Organizer App', as they can check whether they had recently bought that thing or not!


Various different applications of Ebizz Infotech are also accessible, such as, 'Auto Stamper, View In Bengali Font, View in Gujarati: Read Text in Gujarati Fonts'.


"Always try to know what your customers want most and what your company does best. And then focus on most similar point", said Mr. Suresh Kalathiya, CEO of Ebizz Infotech. This application, 'My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management' is obviously an unprecedented help to compose stuff for any person who has various things to administer.

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