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Digital Time & Expense Tracking made easy with powerful invoicing & reporting features

Von TimeStatement AG - Zeiterfassung / Time Tracking

This time-tracking solution is ideal for small to large companies, as well as for freelancers who are looking for an intuitive and quick time- and task-tracking tool.


Through the cloud based implementation of the TimeStatement solution, your timesheets and invoices on the web are easy to download and upload anywhere at any time and are ready for editing and entry.

Depending on the needs your company has, TimeStatement is not only able to track time and performance, but to also generate multilingual invoices and to support international currencies so that your invoices are ready to be sent out with just a few clicks.

The TimeStatement online solution cuts administrative effort and costs. This allows the user to invest their time / performance in their core business and not waste time on administrative work.

Nice: Here you will find a professional full version for free and without installation: https://timestatement.com

Some features of TimeStatement:
- Easily track your time
- Create and manage projects
- Record your expenses
- Issue invoices with your corporate layout - in any language
- Create and send various reports - at any time
- Multi-currencies support
- As a SaaS solution, updates and backups are performed regularly

Thanks to the new technologies, TimeStatement has been added to "Swisscom FinTech Startup": http://fintechnews.ch/fintech/swiss-fintech-startup-map-for-january/24699/




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