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AIRETOS® Wi-Fi 6 Module Evaluation Kits, featuring the Qualcomm® QCA6391 WLAN-BT5 combo

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VOXMICRO LTD, a California Corporation, starts accepting pre-orders today for AIRETOS® E63 Class Evaluation Boards (EVBs). Through early-access EVBs, the company provides for the first time on the open-market the possibility to test Wi-Fi 6 hosted modules based on the latest Qualcomm® chipset, the QCA6391. 


Since its introduction at CES2020, the AIRETOS® E63 Class has received significant demand for samples. The offering marries fully featured Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 combo technology with a choice of form-factors, antenna types and operating grades; all widely certified in multiple regulatory domains:


1.     Chip-On-Board (CoB) Series B: three on board antenna connectors, two for Wi-Fi and one dedicated for BT, which does not share the WLAN clock cycles. 

2.     Series B CoB, soldered on carrier to form: M.2 3032 E-Key (Series W), M.2 3042 B-Key (Series F) and Full-Size miniPCIe (Series X). 


The above Series are built to meet the surging connectivity demands of today's world with the option of higher performance U.Fl. / IPEX or smaller MHF4 antenna connectors on-board. They shall all leverage of major regulatory domain certifications in FCC, ISED Canada, CE Red and Japan. 


M.2 2230 B-Key Series R, with two smaller MHF4 connectors on board is sharing WLAN and BT and concurrent with 5G WLAN. The Series R benefits of Qualcomm’s world regulatory pre-certification and is coming on the market with Modular World Certification in 50+ domains. 


- Pre-order Eval Boards Kits for any variant:

Early-Access EVBs will ship in the week of March 20, 2020. Starting today interested parties can purchase Evaluation Board Kits offline or online for any of E63 Class Series. The Evaluation Board Kits include certification compliant antenna and matching RF BOM material. 


With the QCA6391, QUALCOMM is building on its history of delivering game-changing technologies, like MU-MIMO 8-stream sounding. The QCA6391 is a high performance, fully-featured Wi-Fi 6 Chip that provides resilient combo with a rich, outperforming implementation of the new Bluetooth 5.1 into a single die.

VOXMICRO’s AIRETOS® E63 Class sets an industry benchmark by combining state-of-the-art technologies and flexible design-in, so to significantly aid innovation adoption. All complemented by extensive regulatory and design support.



VOXMICRO is an expert module maker and a Licensed Partner of QUALCOMM Technologies, Inc., that integrates Qualcomm’s wireless ICs into flexible, supported modules by:

·       engaging early on emerging technologies

·       directly accessing Qualcomm expertise


·       accommodating adaptive, tailored, custom and complex designs.

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Keywords: Wi-Fi6, AIRETOS, QUALCOMM, VOXMICRO, QCA6391, 11ax

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