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Das digitale Gesundheitsunternehmen KRY bietet für Personen mit Corona-Symptomen kostenlose Videokonsultation mit einem Arzt an


















KRY is a company founded in Sweden that specializes in health products. The company is now established in Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and France and has also been active in Germany for about four months. KRY's main business  is telemedicine. Officially approved in Germany only 2 years ago, telemedicine will become an important part of the German health system in the future. The usual symptoms, such as headache, cold, flu or stomach upset, can often be diagnosed via video consultation. This relieves the burden on telemedicine, above all, in medical practices, where thousands of Germans frolic with mild symptoms every day and cause long waiting times.


Telemedicine  will soon be available free of charge to all insured persons, whether private or statutory. However, at the beginning of the current corona pandemic, KRY decided to offer a doctor's video consultation free of charge to all citizens suspected of having corona. People who are afraid of being infected and complain of symptoms that indicate a corona infection can use the KRY app to watch a video consultation with a doctor certified in Germany. After a waiting period of less than 30 minutes, the attending doctor can clear up or confirm the suspicion and advise the patient directly about which steps should follow.


With this offer, KRY would like to relieve the German healthcare system. In particular, surgeries and emergency rooms are permanently overrun with people who are suspected of being infected with the  corona virus . However, these patients are a danger to others because they could infect other people on the way to the examination, but also in the practice or hospital. In addition, they put themselves in danger because they can also become infected. Via video consultation, an expert can assess whether the path to further treatment is necessary and, at the same time, name the right contact points for people with suspected corona. In addition, the doctor can explain the rules of behavior again to minimize the risk of infection.


The measures , but also the latest information about Corona are made available to every user in the KRY app. Here you can read the symptoms that indicate an infection. The behavioral rules for suspected corona can also be re-examined here. In the end, many further links are listed. These are the important German institutions such as the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Ministry of Health. The information that can be accessed via the links is currently very important for every citizen. They are reliable, valid and should help to contain the pandemic as quickly as possible.

30. Apr 2020

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