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Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Von Gastric Sleeve Surgery Clinic

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkei

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a surgical weight loss procedure in which the %70-80 of the stomach is removed for reducing the stomach capacity, increasing feeling of satiety with less food, improving eating habits and thus achieve great amount of weight loss. The procedure is minimally invasive and irreversible; advanced medical techniques are able to give the safest and most effective gastric sleeve results.

Gastric sleeve is a very demanded surgical weight loss procedure due to its life-changing results. It is preferred for advanced obesity conditions for the quick progression of the results.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Gastric Sleeve?

·         Patients whose BMI are over 40- or patients whose BMI are over 35 and have obesity related medical problems,

·         Who are ready for a surgical treatment to achieve targeted weight,

·         Who are ready to adapt a new life-style and eating habits,

·         Who have tried to lose weight with other treatments but did not get desired results are suitable candidates for gastric sleeve surgery.

How Does the Procedure Go?


For an effective and safe surgery, the consultation process is quite significant; this process should cover every medical detail about the patients including BMI value, prior surgeries and medical procedures, any obesity related or chronic disease and regularly used medications.


Gastric sleeve is a laparoscopic surgery which is performed under general anesthesia.

During the procedure, approximately %80 of the stomach is removed out through very small incisions made around the belly; the procedure is performed with tiny monitoring devices which gives the full control to surgeon for precision and safety of the operation. The capacity of the stomach is reduced; hunger hormone Ghrelin is removed out as well.

Mono Obesity Surgery uses a special kind of stitching technique to minimize the leakage risk while most of the surgeons use staplers.

The surgery lasts around 1-1,5 hour depending on the individual condition of the patients. Gastric sleeve requires 3 nights of hospital stay for a healthy start to recovery and the leakage tests to be done properly.

Recovery After Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure which involves proper incisions and sutures; therefore, recovery period requires enough care and attention. The post-op instructions will be given by your surgeon and they should be followed closely.

The fact that the operation is performed laparoscopically is very effective on the smooth recovery. Pain during the first a few days is quite normal; it can be accompanied by nausea.

After patients are discharged from hospital, they will be provided with a suitable nutrition plan to make sure they get enough and required nutrition for their body; nutrition plan helps patients to adapt to new eating habits. These plan starts with clear liquids and gradually progresses through the solid foods.

Within the first 2 months, patients achieve some very good results; the total process of weight loss lasts until a year. As the weight loss progresses, %90 of obesity related medical conditions disappears and possible future medical conditions are prevented.

Gastric Sleeve Cost

Turkey is a popular destination for bariatric surgeries; one of the most demanded obesity surgery in Turkey by international patients is gastric sleeve due to its magnificent, quick, permanent results and very cheap package prices. Gastric sleeve cost in Turkey may vary depending on the package services and the personalized treatment plan; to get information on prices for gastric sleeve in Mono Obesity Surgery for your individual condition, please get in touch with us.

Key Facts

·         Procedure: Removing %70-80 of the stomach out to limit the food capacity, remove the hunger hormone and achieve new eating habits for effective and rapid weight loss.

·         Duration: 1-1,5 hour

·         Hospital Stay: 3 nights

·         Recovery Time: Up to 3-4 weeks

·         Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Frequently Asked Question

1.    Does gastric sleeve give permanent results?

Gastric sleeve is an irreversible surgery which is performed by the permanent removal of %80 of the stomach; providing that patients adopt a healthy lifestyle after the surgery, results are permanent.

2.    How much weight I can lose with gastric sleeve?

As a surgical procedure, the weight loss which a gastric sleeve surgery can provide patients is very satisfactory; though the amount of the weight loss depends on the individual condition of patients, usually patients lose %70 of their excess weight with this operation.

3.    Is it necessary to use medication for the rest of my life after the operation?

You may be prescribed with some vitamins and other medications to smoothen the recovery and support body; however, after gastric sleeve you do not need to use them for a lifetime.

4.    Will I experience permanent hair loss after gastric sleeve surgery?

It is normal to experience some hair loss within 3-4 months after the surgery due to lack of vitamin and zinc; it does not happen to every patient and when it occurs, it is not permanent. After your body adapts into its new state, your hair will get back to normal.

5.    When can I get back to work after gastric sleeve surgery?

For the safety of the recovery process, patients should stay in the hospital for 3 nights; after they are discharged, it is recommended to rest for another 3-4 days. Approximately one week off from week is recommended.

Patients of Mono Obesity Surgery are very happy and satisfied with their life-changing gastric sleeve experiences in Turkey; for further information and a detailed online assessment of your specific condition, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Gastric sleeve surgery provides life-changing results; contact Mono Obesity Surgery for information on procedure, recovery and costs of gastric sleeve Turkey.


How much weight can patients lose with gastric balloon?

How much weight you can lose with a gastric balloon depends on how carefully you follow the nutrition plan given by your doctor and the instructions. Obesity Surgery in Turkey Gastric balloon is ideal for those who do not want to have a surgery as it provides the body with weight loss without any non-surgically.


People who are interested in gastric balloon procedure are usually intimidated from surgery or are not overweight in a level which requires surgery. Some patients decide to have a gastric balloon because they are not proper candidates for the surgery; gastric balloon is also benefited in preparation for gastric sleeve surgeries.


After a gastric balloon procedure, weight loss in the first two months is very quick. The speed of weight loss decreases after the second month until the sixth month. If the gastric balloon remains in the stomach for a year, approximately one kilo per month can be lost on the dates close to its removal; this is very expected and common.


In gastric balloon treatments to lose weight, the person is very close to the ideal weight. For patients who get a Gastric balloon in preparation for surgical procedure, the person becomes ready for surgery. In order for the weight lost with gastric balloon procedures to be at the desired levels, it is essential to insert the most proper gastric balloon, correctly adjust the volume; and doctor who performs it, must be a specialist. Maximum weight loss is obtained when all factors are ideally combined.

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