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Daycare network receives the coveted seal of quality for trust, diversity and team spirit in the workplace

Von globegarden

Globegarden certified as Great Place to Work ™

23 June 2021 - It is an award for the employees of globegarden - and a confirmation for all parents who place their trust in the leading provider of childcare in Switzerland.


In June 2021, globegarden was certified for the first time by Great Place to Work™, the expert for workplace culture and employer attractiveness, as a great workplace in Switzerland.


The coveted seal of quality means that the company has an above-average workplace culture in benchmark comparisons, which is characterized by trust, diversity and team spirit. The award is all the more remarkable as it comes at a time when the employees in the more than 50 globegarden facilities were and still are extremely challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic.


"Last year the globegarden community showed an impressive performance in coping with the pandemic," says Silke Bührmann, director for education and pedagogy and member of the management board. “The recognition as a Great Place to Work™ is a wonderful confirmation of the work that our employees do every day and is therefore all the more important in this challenging year. I am extremely grateful for our committed and caring employees who have a lasting impact on the lives of children, learners and families. We are proud of our employees every day, especially today."



What exactly does the Great Place to Work™ certification mean?


Great Place to Work™ analyzes organizations using a globally established model with evidence-based standards with regard to their workplace culture. The actual workplace culture is ascertained through a survey of the employees, in which the dimensions credibility, respect, fairness, team spirit and pride are at the center. The internal globegarden system, processes and policies are also checked using a culture audit.


A full 82 percent of employees took part in the survey. The employees of the daycare network particularly appreciate the team spirit, innovation, diversit,y and inclusion as well as the credibility and ability of the management level and management. Furthermore, the employees are proud of what they do together at globegarden and believe that they can make a valuable contribution to the development of the company's success.


The Great Place to Work™ certification also assesses the extent to which an organization creates a job for everyone. This includes the evaluation of the employee's experience depending on, for example, their job role, their gender, their origin and their salary status. 97 percent of the employees at globegarden confirm a high degree of fairness and diversity.


Silke Bührmann on these results: “I think our team's commitment to workplace culture is even more valuable than certification. For me personally, the best confirmation is that 94% of employees feel that children are lovingly cared for and their learning is encouraged at globegarden, which confirms the high quality of our childcare centers."


“We have been working with globegarden for almost a year to analyze and develop the workplace culture. That is only possible if both management and employees support this project,” says Dr. Thomas Schneider, Consultant and Co-Owner of Great Place to Work™. “That is the case with globegarden. The certification as a Great Place to Work™ is now the price paid by the employees to the company itself - and therefore so valuable because the employees can best assess the workplace culture and thus paint a credible picture of the employer. Congratulations for this success!"



Despite its success, globegarden will not stop improving in order to offer the children a wonderful place to grow up - and the employees a great place to work. It is one of the goals of globegarden to continue to improve the work-life balance of its employees. Since there is a great desire among employees for even more in-house development and training, globegarden will continue to invest in this area in the future in order to create attractive offers. In order to anchor the results and findings of Great Place to Work™ in the company, topic-related training classes and workshops will take place in the coming weeks and months.


About globegarden:

The childcare network globegarden is the leading provider of childcare in Switzerland. In ten years globegarden has built up a diverse childcare network to offer children early learning and home-like environments with quality care in their first years. The offer ranges from German and English-speaking nursery and elementary groups to preschool and kindergarten classes. The educational concept relies on a child-centered pedagogy and playful learning in everyday life. The focus is on the individual potential of every child. An innovative care concept also requires flexible opening times without closing times, because a good childcare center is based on what is good for the family - and not the other way around. Globegarden is therefore not only a great place to grow for thousands of children, over 800 employees and over 150 learners, but also a reliable childcare partner for over 2,800 parents.


www.globegarden.ch I www.facebook.com/globegarden I www.instagram.com/globegarden_childcare


About Great Place to Work™:

Great Place to Work™ is an international workplace culture consultancy. It supports companies in grasping their culture and developing it further. In 2019 the institute worked with over 10,000 organizations worldwide. In Switzerland, Great Place to Work ™ works with more than 100 organizations every year and supports them in developing their workplace culture. The Great Place to Work™ certification consists of the Trust Index, a questionnaire for mapping the employee perspective, and the Culture Audit, in which the most important measures relating to workplace culture, systems, processes and policies are shown.



Press contact:

Please send inquiries only in writing to: presse@globegarden.org

Globegarden media office c / o KMES Partner

Markus Spillmann

09. Jul 2021

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