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The dream of working abroad - Suggestions to make it easier

Von Berlin Translate


According to Berlin Translate, most of the required documents can be handled by translation agencies. This includes sworn translations of Personal Identification documents, passports, and work references, amongst others. These documents need to be certified so that authorities, courts, and administrative offices can accept their validity and along with the translator’s stamp, the authenticity of the translation is guaranteed in a legally binding manner and is deemed officially certified. 


Furthermore, some people aren’t actually aware that applications for foreign companies differ from country to country. The following article will discuss the structure of the British cover letter. 


A quick run-down of the British cover letter


The British version of the cover letter closely resembles the German, according to Berlin Translate, because the introductions, main bodies and conclusions are pretty much the same. First of all, however, comes the subject line. In the introduction it is necessary for the applicants to write what skills they have and how they came across the job offer. 


I am responding to your advertisement for … 


In the main body of the cover letter, the candidates focus on their strengths and explain what advantages they can provide the company with. This is a possible way to word this: 


My expertise and practical experience next to my social skills enable me in the field of …. 


In the conclusion, the applicants indicate to the company that they are available at any time for any further questions and that they are looking forward to the interview. This may be worded like the following: 


I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about …. 


Furthermore, the British cover letter does not go into too much detail and politeness is imperative. Finally, the candidate ends the cover letter with either “Yours sincerely” or with “Yours faithfully”




For further interest


Those interested in this topic, you can go to our agency website to get more information or to give us feedback: https://berlin-translate.de/beglaubigte-uebersetzungen


On the Berlin Translate blog, you can find regular blog entries about language and culture. Take the opportunity and explore the blog here: https://berlin-translate.de/blog


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