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Basics of Accounting

Von Narr Francke Attempto Verlag

Introduction to international Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting

This textbook introduces you to international bookkeeping and accounting.

It is designed as self study materials and covers the syllabus of an introductory class in accounting.

After studying the Basics, you are well prepared to keep bookkeeping records and prepare financial statements

like the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statement and the statement of changes in equity.


All chapters outline the learning objectives, provide an overview, include case studies and how-it-is-done-paragraphs.

They end with a summary, the explanation of new technical terms and a question bank with solutions for checking your learning progress.

On the internet, you can find more than 350 exam tasks including solutions as well as youtube-videos from the author.

The textbook prepares you to study accounting and assists you with the transition from German bookkeeping to international accounting when qualifying for IFRSs.

1 Conventions
2 Cafeteria Example and what is on the Balance Sheet
3 Shareholders’ View
4 Legal Aspects of Accounting
5 The Excel Accountant
6 Introduction to Balance Sheet and Income Statement
7 Activities on the Asset Side of the Balance Sheet
8 Activities on Both Sides of the Balance Sheet
9 Profit and Loss Activities
10 Introduction to T-Accounts for Items on the Balance Sheet
11 T-Accounts for Profit and Loss
12 Introduction to Bookkeeping Entries
13 Special Asset Accounts
14 Special Equity Accounts
15 Special Liability Accounts
16 Reconciliation Accounts
17 Depreciation
18 Further Expenses and Accruals
19 Accounting for Labour
20 Trading Business – Purchases and Returns
21 Trading Business – Purchases and Returns plus VAT
22 Trading Business – Sales and Returns
23 Trading Business – Sales and Returns plus VAT
24 Privately-owned Business: Drawings
25 Production Firms
26 Inventory Systems
27 Cost Formulas
28 Income Statement Following the Cost of Sales Format
29 Trial Balance
30 Tax Calculation, Profit Appropriation and Changes in Equity
31 Multiple-Period Bookkeeping
32 Introduction to Statements of Cash Flows
33 Establishment of a Business and Legal Form Changes
34 Liquidations
35 Disposals
36 Discounts and Rebates
37 Cash Book: Reconciliation with the Bank Statement
38 Petty Cash Book
39 Books of Original Entry


"Berkau, Basics of Accounting" - Introduction to international Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting

ISBN: 978-3-7398-3183-1

UVK Verlag


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